Applying for jobs through online systems (dealine: tomorrow)
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I found two jobs I'd like to do at a British Embassy, but am unsure whether applying for both would hurt my application. Advice, especially from people who have used the UK government's online job system, would be appreciated.

I'm applying for a job with a UK embassy in Asia, and other than the job I really want, there's also a job that's pretty much what I did before at another embassy, so I think I'd have a better shot. I'm qualified for the first job, too, according to the specifications, and I want to further my career, not stagnate, but obviously I also don't want to be unemployed. Both jobs have the same deadline, so I can't wait until I'm rejected from A to apply for B.

Should I apply for both of these jobs, or will that look desperate? If I only apply for the slightly higher level job and don't get it, is it possible that they'll reach out and offer me the lower level one? My feeling is no, because my own government operates through a similar system and if you haven't applied for a job, you don't get it. But I'm also afraid of not being considered for the slightly higher level if I also apply for the lower level. (I've had a recent pattern of being shoe-horned into low-level, typically female jobs, due to some factors in my job history and because of living in a somewhat sexist society.)

Does anyone here have any experience with (successfully) applying for jobs through their online system ( and can give me some guidance here?
Thank you for reading!
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When I worked in government the applications went straight from HR to the hiring manager and we never would have known if someone had applied to two. We have an online application system. We had a lot of people moving around laterally too, between related fields. YMMV, depending on office culture but I think it's fine. Anyone reasonable should understand applying for both.
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I work in the UK public sector and I recruit. As suggested above, there’s very little chance the hiring managers will ever know you applied for both. And the civil service takes fair and equitable employment very seriously - there is no chance that applying for one job will damage your chances at the other, as this won’t be part of the selection criteria.

In short: apply for both with confidence!
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