How can I speed up my wireless network?
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Why does my Dell Wireless usb adapter (a/b/g) keep switching between 24mbps and 56mbps when connected to my Linksys network? How can I speed it up?
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Good question. One I don't worry about though since my internet service only runs at 2mbps anyway.
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Response by poster: I'm not worried about the Internet speed, but transferring stuff between PCs internally
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Boost the output power of the Linksys? Before I installed one of the free Linux upgrades and upped my Linksys power from 28mW to 60mW my connection would oscillate between 54 and 12 in the bedroom (two rooms away from the router). Now it stays at 56, with a little more occasional noise.
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I am told that when you've got a weak signal, your network card will lower the transmission rate in order to keep the signal above a certain threshold.

I do not know why it does this exactly. Seems like a dirty trick to me. Perhaps someone will come along and explain the technical part. Anyway, the two variables, if you play around with your reception, do seem to be interrelated.

You need to get better signal strength. For me, what worked was getting a USB cable to attach my USB network adapter to and then extending it out past the corner of the wall that was obstructing my reception.
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I'm not sure where you get 24 and 56 mbps. 802.11b is 11 mbps. 802.11g is 54 mpbs.

Be aware that, on a g network, if any b devices connect, all devices run at b speed. You can't have a mix of 11 and 54 mbps stuff.
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