Dinner for 45 people in Piraeus, Greece
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I'm planning a trip to Athens + environs and on next Thursday we'll be arriving at Piraeus at dinnertime. Were can we go with 42 hungry and maybe noisy students? Nice if there's a view.

The price has to be somewhat student-friendly, but we are not looking for the cheapest place, it's the "family dinner" of the week.
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From someone who has arranged many group meals, some details to sort out:
Is there going to be one person paying for everyone?
Are you going to want a fixed menu or individual ordering?
Alcohol or no?
Do you mean university students or high school students?
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Is there going to be one person paying for everyone?
Are you going to want a fixed menu or individual ordering?
Alcohol or no?
Do you mean university students or high school students?

Good questions, and one of my problems is that they are not easy to answer.
We don't know yet how we will pay. If we can, we will use the school credit card, but that isn't clear yet.
We must have individual ordering because of allergies and a bunch of vegans.
Yes to alcohol, but maybe we will want to order a limited amount.
They are in-between high school and university. It's a cultural thing. Which means they are allowed to drink and roam freely, but their parents still expect us to have some oversight. (yes, it's just wonderful).
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Greece is one of the best places to be a vegan or have food allergies because taverna style eating is a lot of individual vegetable dishes with 5 or fewer ingredients.

I remember Piraeus itself as kind of scant on "authentic" taverna experiences but I was always rushing to get further into Athens or get on a ferry so I would look on Google for Tavern Gianni and "Yperokeanio" taverna - see if you can call ahead to give them a heads up about your large party, or if 45 is too many, see if the adult chaperones mind splitting the group into 2.

I was a student tourist in Greece in a party of 30 students and we never had trouble finding tavernas to accommodate all of us - you're going to the one place I know of where you can walk around a neighborhood and find an amazing restaurant that can seat a ton of people and everyone will walk out stuffed and happy, even the vegans, even the kids with shellfish or dairy or wheat allergies. Lucky you!
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How are you arriving - by boat? Will you have any transportation or are you limited to places that are within walking distance of where you are dropped off? Keep in mind that if you're near the train station you are about 40 minutes away from places like Plaka and Thiseio.

There's plenty of nice places around Mikrolimano, but you can expect them to be pretty touristy - also a lot of them clearly out of student price range, at least by Greek standards.

You can also go to Keratsini/Charavgi, there's a bunch of places around Akrita Digeni street that are excellent for stuffing your face with crayfish and assorted crustaceans. This place nearby is very good and is a little more upscale, but I don't know if they can do dinner for 45. I can vouch for their other location which I have tried and is indeed excellent.
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We will be arriving by boat, and then going by metro into Athens center where our hotel is. But we prefer to eat first, in Piraeus, because it will be rather late for our Northern European habits if we go into the center.
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If you are on foot, both Keratsini and Mikrolimano are too far away. There's some restaurants right on the port but they're more utilitarian than exciting. There's more food options around the Zea marina - it's about a mile away from the metro station but you probably won't have to walk all the way there to find something that suits you.
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