Gifts for a new Principle Investigator
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My scientist friend is going to open her own lab! Yay!! What kind of small, sweet gifts could I get her?

A while back I went through a big life transition of my own, and my friend put together a box full of small, thoughtful things that I would need for the next step of my life. It was seriously amazing, and I would like to put together something similar for her as kind of a nod to that. So as well as general animal-themed things that she might like, I'm trying to think of some things that might be useful for somebody just starting up a lab (it'll be a computational biology lab in France). So far I have some little notebooks, a funny custom mug, and maybe a small geeky plushy related to her subject area. Any other ideas would be super welcome!
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Lego Research Institute? It's 'retired' but it looks like you can get sets for $50-$60.
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I was going to suggest the Research Institute! Currently on sale is the Women Of Nasa set, which is along the same lines but space themed.
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Kind of old school, but some kind of desk block with her name and title (Dr.?) on it? A coworker with Spanish heritage got a "La profesora es aqui" tile as a gift that was pretty nice / displayed, if that gives you ideas.

An unofficial logo for her lab on stickers / notepads? Fun wall / office art for the space? Goofy flash drives (each different, for which-is-which purposes).
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A book by Robert Boice.
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A premium laser pointer.
'Advice for New Faculty Members' by Robert Boice
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Monogrammed lab coats with "(Last name) lab"
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Whiskey and beaker style shot glasses.
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