I have been doxxed. Help
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I have been maliciously doxxed. The person who doxxed me has admitted it was them with glee, in writing and tried to blackmail me over it. Their IP is also recorded in the place where the posting occurred. I am in the UK and they are in Australia. I have previous police complaints and contact with stalking services about this person. I would love some advice / help please. Is there anything I can do legally about this? What are the laws in Australia about this? In the UK? Is there anything I can do to stop this person doing this again and again? Pretty desperate
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My understanding is that this behaviour is rather illegal here in Australia, but I think you'd need to talk to UK police first and things could be a long process. IANAL etc.

Can you talk to the admins of the site on which it occurred?
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I think you are going to have to start by talking to a lawyer. Since this is an international case you may have to talk to a couple before they can refer you to one who is equipped to serve you effectively. And I might start out by pursuing the blackmail angle rather than the doxxing per se, as blackmail is a more well-established crime. But my general understanding is that this kind of shit is pretty hard to fight, unfortunately. You have my sympathies. Good luck, I hope you can nail this asshole.
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I am so, so sorry about this.

Have you seen the Crash Override Network? They help out folks who are beeing harrassed (which includes doxxing): http://www.crashoverridenetwork.com/about.html

And their "So you've been doxxed" page: http://www.crashoverridenetwork.com/soyouvebeendoxed.html

I believe it's been useful to some people to have a tech-savvy lawyer to help you talk to law enforcement. Because it's cross-border, they might have to or be able to escalate things.
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