App for Tracking Commute Routes & Times
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I want an app for my iOS phone that will allow me to track the length and route of my daily commute (in-town driving with some walking). Do you know an app that would do this?

In addition to just back and forth from home to work, I also have two school drop-offs/pick-ups and I'd like to be able to track these as well. I want to know how long it takes to do them every day, and I'd also like to track which routes between these neighborhood schools is the fastest.

Ideally I'd push a button at the beginning of the commute and then push another one at the end, and then later I'd be able to browse through the commutes and see which route I took and how long it took to do it. But I'm fine if it's just tracking the length of the whole commute instead of each part if that's not possible.

I found one app that did this called CommuteDiary but it was buggy and limited. I had to delete it. It doesn't seem like that wild of an idea, though, and maybe I've overlooking some apps that would do this because they're more explicitly about giving directions rather than tracking routes I already know.
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If you were taking public transit, I'd suggest CityMapper.

Moves used to be really good for this, then they got bought by Facebook, then they got shut down.
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Maybe MileIQ?
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Waze keeps your history unless you delete it, and it will calculate your best routes based on current conditions each time.
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I've been using Arc as a replacement for Moves. However, it doesn't make it easy to compare day to day; you'd have some manual work to do that.
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MileIQ is a good option.
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I use the Timeline feature in Google Maps for this.
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