How should my group do an online election?
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I would like help finding an online system for a group to vote.

I am an officer in a newish statewide membership-driven organization of about 300 people. We plan our first election in October. We would like to conduct this election online.

So, our system needs to be secure, so that either nonmembers can’t vote, or we can easily filter out those ballots. We do have a membership roster with e-mail addresses, mailing address, etc.

Also, not everyone will vote for every office. We have three regional chairs who will be determined by only the members in the respective regions.

The committee working on this has more technological skill than it does money. My estimate is that we'd prefer to avoid spending more than about $20 on this. We do already have a website.

Do you have any suggestions for how this election might best be accomplished?
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Do you want/need the votes to be anonymous (that is, kept separately from the record of who voted at all)?
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Is SurveyMonkey too casual for you?
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Our local Hackspace used Opavote for its official elections.
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I've used Opavote as a voter and an election administrator. It is flexible, secure, and inexpensive. Highly recommended.
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1. The votes do not need to be anonymous. A balloting committee can know of the votes and announce the anonymized vote totals to the membership.

2. I don't know enough about Survey Monkey to know how well it would work for this. Mainly, I have no idea of how secure it is, whether it will allow us to restrict the voting to only members.
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