Where should I post/submit/distribute technical blog posts?
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I want to share my technical knowledge/experience/stories with a wider audience than I get with just posting a link to my personal blog on LinkedIn and Facebook. What's the best way to do this?

I am a software developer. I blog infrequently, usually about some technical topic. I write blog posts on Blogger.com and generally just share a link to it on LinkedIn and Facebook. Some friends read it, and maybe a few work contacts or recruiters.

I want to share my knowledge with a wider audience. I think have some interesting experience, and I bet people would enjoy reading about it.

I'm sure there are resources out there answering this question, but some quick Googling was leaving me wading through "how to write a technical blog post". But, I want "assuming no one knows you or your technical blog posts, 1) where to write/submit posts and 2) how to share posts." Assume I'm just looking for a general technical audience, maybe focused on programming in general and/or web development in particular.
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Post to relevent subreddits where that is allowed.
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Hacker News has a lot of Silicon Valley eyeballs.
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Maybe Medium.
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About 10% of your Facebook and LI contacts will see any particular thing you post. So feel free to repeat older posts in between the new posts. Also, at least on LI, make use of hashtags, which will get you some additional visibility.
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Thanks, these are good tips, and all different.
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Technical stuff can get a lot of attention on Twitter, but it probably wouldn't do you much good to just serialize links there, you'd have to actually log in and tweet and interact with people in order to get followers. and twitter tends to break people's brains. so only do this if you think you have a very durable brain.

If you look at Itamar Turner-Trauring's website, he has a weekly email newsletter that is reasonably popular (it's just one article per week). if you have enough articles and repeat readers, this may also be something to think about.
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Technical online communities/forums relevant to your topic will welcome this!
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