Selling pricey will call only tickets
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Have you bought or sold true "Will Call only" tickets on Stubhub or Craigslist before, where the buyer and seller actually had to meet at the venue? Which is better? How does this work, especially when large amounts of money are involved (say $500+)?

I know Stubhub doesn't have a Will Call option, but for the event in question it appears that others are marking their tickets as "UPS" and then adding a note that Will-Call instructions will be emailed to the buyer. I know Stubhub is very buyer friendly so I'm wondering what the risks are as a seller in terms of someone scamming me.

Also open to the suggestion of just heading to the venue early and finding a real scalper to buy them, if that's something that still happens. The event is definitely in very high demand-- it's a small show being put on by one of the world's biggest pop stars. For various reasons, I really don't want to go anymore and none of my friends want to buy it at cost.
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If you bought the tickets through Ticketmaster, they have an option to resell tickets through their site. I don't know how they handle delivery, but that might be easier than using a third party site or a scalper. Telecharge may have reselling as well now.
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Thanks but these tickets can't be transferred through Ticketmaster at all-- I have to go there personally with my ID & credit card to pick them up, and am not allowed to change the name on the ticket.
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