Block party birthday ideas (little kid edition)
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Looking for creative ideas for a block party birthday (street closed down) for kids who are 4-6. What has worked for you?

I am helping throw a block party birthday. Ideas already in the mix: chalk for drawing, bubbles, and a neighbor's bouncy castle. What would you recommend for activities/things to keep a large group of kids entertained? There will likely be 40+ kids there. Thanks!
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If everyone on the block is participating, you probably won't need a whole lot - the kids will entertain themselves running around. Definitely music. A popcorn machine if you can find one.
Get someone to make balloon animals - my husband learned how to make basic balloon animals on YouTube and they are an endless source of entertainment.
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In my town when you apply for a block party you can request the police or fire department to stop by and make a visit. I think one year we had an ambulance.

Either way, kids dig that for half an hour or so. Your tax dollar at work, yo.

Oh, and dollar store glow-sticks for after sunset. Lots of them, look for the 10 or 15 packs.
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Kids lose their minds with those blowing bubbles machines. I vote one of those.
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Beanbag toss!
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decorating cupcakes
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I once attended a very large party for a kid's 6th birthday where the theme was "pajama party" so all the kids showed up in some form of jammies and then spent the day playing "tennis," aka swatting around balloons with paper plates taped onto painting sticks. Everyone seemed to have a super super super fun time.
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Bubbles are pretty fun, especially in a novelty format, like a bubble machine or those ribbon wands that make enormous bubbles.
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You should definitely take advantage of the fact that the street is closed off to traffic.... so decorating bikes/ scooters to be in a parade (led by a police car?)... a "fun run"... corn hole ... bike obstacle course with cones... etc. In addition, you could possibly do a scavenger hunt.
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Water balloons
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