Alternative to Aveda liquid pomade
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I like the light feel and hold of Aveda's liquid pomade, but I don't care for the fragrance (it contains patchouli). Looking for an alternative with similar properties—basically, a men's hair styling product that's on the lighter side. Thanks for any ideas!
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I use this charmingly old-fashioned hair cream, which I got from my barber's. It works well for me. It's also scented, but maybe less offensively so.

"Slick but inexpensive, and with a light, naturally fresh scent, it remains resolutely normcore: It comes only in one large size, costs about $15 and lasts forever," as the Globe and Mail puts it.
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Paul Mitchell, Super Sculpt
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Oribe Airstyle is light both in texture and scent -- although it's a cream rather than a liquid, it's rather similar to that Aveda, in its level of hold.
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Baxter of California has a couple of products I like for light hold: the Grooming Cream and the Soft Water Pomade.
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a men's hair styling product that's on the lighter side

I have not used your liquid pomade, so I might be off base here entirely, but I have very light, fine hair, and for many years I pretty much entirely eschewed hair products except in cases where windswept just wasn't a look option, because they all felt so heavy that the only shape they helped my hair maintain was flat-on-my-head-shape. Then a few years ago I had a barber recommend American Crew Fiber, and I've been using it practically daily ever since. Except that I recently needed some and the store I was in only had another brand, Fix Your Lid Styling Fiber, and I ended up liking that even better.

My hair actually now looks like it has body and isn't just being weighed down and glued to itself, and the shape is held without the brittleness of hairspray or the oiliness of gel. I'm a big fan.
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My new barber tried Verb styling cream on a recent visit, and I wound up going back to buy a tube. It smells pretty good (no patchouli) and has good hold (better than the Aveda liquid pomade). It also doesn't feel heavy at all. I'd recommend it.
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