Tools and strategies for brainstorming a 2-year plan and 5-year plan
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[Self Improvement \ ADHD Filters] I recently realized how much it has helped me to have weekly and monthly plans for short-term goal setting. I’d now like to expand this and create 2-year/5-year/X-year plans, respectively. What are the best methods and tools for brainstorming and planning long term life plans and goals?

**Since this question may come up: Can’t I just take what I’m already doing to create weeklong and monthlong plans, and just use that to create multi-year plans? No. What I’ve been doing so far is pretty basic and I’m more interested in seeing and learning from what others do.

If you’ve ever done, or still do “X Year Plans”, I’d like to hear about what strategies and tools you used when brainstorming, task-setting, scheduling realistic deadlines and timeframes, “self-editing” (thinking critically about what goals may need to be put on pause, or rearranged, or removed, in order to avoid becoming overwhelmed or distracted), and so on.

I’d especially *love love love* any worksheets/workbooks you can point me toward. Bonus points if said worksheets/workbooks are downloadable and free (although I will gladly pay for not-free ones that are worth it).

If you know of a good, clear guide to using scrum boards (I’ll be taking an Agile scrum class next month) for brainstorming or plotting out multi-year plans, that would be cool, too!

I’m still open to recommendations for physical books, websites, apps, blogs, and podcasts that cover this topic, but what would be ideal is something that I can print out or work on designing by hand.

P.S. Recommendations don’t have to be designed for folks with ADHD, but it’s cool if you have any ideas or guides that either factor in ADHD specific struggles, or that have worked well for you if you’re someone who struggles with ADHD.
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Just a thought, but you might want to look into the Passion Planner.
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I've enjoyed using this "Creating a Personal Masterplan" resource, although it's more focused on the "1 year mark" but has some tips for making it actionable

Ditto with this Year Compass -- although much more in clarifying your 1 year goals, rather than helping to plan.
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