Hot-weather clothing for a job interview
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I have a job interview with the local arm of a national nonprofit, where I would be working as an editorial assistant. I've been wearing a suit on job interviews, but it's black and lined, and the cut of the jacket doesn't allow a shirt underneath. The weather has been humid, and heat and barometric pressure set off migraines and anxiety. Would wearing a nice neutral-colored blouse and a skirt be acceptable for an interview for this kind of job?
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I'd say wear what will make you comfortable and wear it with confidence. Knowing how likely it is that it is frowned upon would require knowing where you are located (I'm on the West Coast and couldn't imagine anybody caring here), but even if it's frowned upon, you're better off being comfortable than interviewing with a migraine and anxiety.

Good luck!!!
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It would be 100% acceptable. Better to dress comfortably, but still professionally. Speaking as someone who works in a highly-professional setting.
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Wear a third piece with the skirt and blouse -- a statement necklace, brooch, or a scarf you could put on after you arrive in the safety of air conditioning.
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I wore a skirt and a nice blouse for my Editorial Assistant interview back in the day and got the job. As someone who works in publishing and has many friends in non-profits, I would think that would be a very safe outfit for this.
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Absolutely acceptable. Fallback position - suit's skirt, a blouse, and carrying the jacket. (On preview -- upping the ante with accessories is great advice from jgirl.).
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I think you can wear nice pants or a nice skirt and look perfectly professional, but I also think *you* might feel awkward, so add a scarf or great necklace to bolster your own sense of confidence.
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I would suggesting wearing a dress with the suit coat on top.
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What you suggested sounds fine to me but it will depend on the specific colture of the nonprofit. What I've done when going to interviews when it was miserably hot but I needed formalware was to wear comfortable clothing and just change someplace five minutes drive away. The office itself will presumably be climate controlled?
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Why not just wear the shell only til you reach the building, and then put the jacket on when you arrive? The odds are good that the a/c inside is going to be too much rather than too little.
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I've been on interview teams at my small nonprofit in NYC for about five years, and in all that time I've never had a single candidate show up wearing a suit no matter the weather and none of us batted an eye. So your outfit sounds perfect to me!
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If the skirt is well structured/ made from a nice material (similar to the suit skirt) then a blouse (even one with color) would be great. What would make it too informal is a flowy skirt with a flirty style.

If you want to dress it up a notch, wear a long necklace as a statement piece. Costume jewelry (read inexpensive) is great at adding to outfits and pulling it all together.
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You didn’t ask this, but i recommend using dress shields for added comfort/security on a hot day with no jacket.
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