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What is the song that plays at the end credits of the Viceland show Hollywood Love Story with Paris Hilton? Please identify this song!

I've tried googling the lyrics which are something like "dead bird flies over shadowed streams" and "crystal waters pour on blackened shores" and "purple feather onyx eyes" to no avail. The sound of the song is sort of gothy electronica folksy sounding with female voices. IT plays at the end credits of every episode. Please help me identify this song!
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Best answer: It's Flight of the Raven by Emerald Web. (At least this seems to be the song at the end of the episode I was able to watch on the Viceland website.)

(I found this by combing the show's music supervisor's Twitter stream, where he posted the trailer, and somebody had helpfully named the song.)
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Response by poster: First of all THANK YOU. I assumed it must be a song from the producer's cousin's son's bandcamp page or something because I was just having no luck and I thought if it was an older song it's lyrics would be...somewhere in the internets. I'm also not a Twitter-er so it didn't occur to me to look through the production teams Twitters.

Second of all. I've never heard of Emerald Web but I'm enjoying the rabbit hole its sending me down. Plus that album cover is like...its... shits real.
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