Spokane and Coeur d'Alene: things to do, see, and eat!
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O Bender and I will be heading on a trip to Spokane and Heyburn Lake State Park in a few weeks. We are leaving from Olympia on Monday 8/27 hopefully taking the scenic route. We are staying two nights in Spokane then staying at a Cabin at Heyburn SP. I'd love ideas for route and things to see along the way, things to do (neat hikes, cultural events, shopping, neighborhoods to wander through etc...) & restaurants to eat at while we are in Spokane, d Coeur d'Alene & closer to Heyburn.
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Four hours in CDA: park at McCuen park and use the west trail head to hike Tubbs Hill, which is a fairly easy/moderate 2 mile hike around a hill/peninsula that juts out into the lake. Wear your swimsuit under your hiking clothes and bring a towel and stop at one or many of the little beaches you happen across on the first half of the hike; the best one is at the half-way point and is shaped like a little crescent jetty, with beaches on either side of its spine. You'll know it when you see it. When you're done swimming you can finish the hike and loop back through the park.

When you're done with the hike you can stop at your car to change clothes, but leave it parked. Walk a block or two in the other direction and you'll be on the main drag (Sherman Avenue); we like to stop at a restaurant there called Fine Brewed for smoothies/kombucha/coffee/breakfast bowls after hiking and swimming. If you like beer instead of smoothies Crafted is also very good, and is also on the main drag. Then stroll around a bit to digest and shop; there are lots of cute shops on Sherman, including Lucky Monkey which is especially good.

(will write more about Spokane later when I have more time!)
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The Bowl and Pitcher section of Riverside State Park in Spokane is pretty and close to town.

Auntie's Book Store, Boo Radleys, and Atticus Coffee shop are my favorite spots downtown to browse. They're within walking distance of the giant radio flyer wagon which is a fun place to stop for a pic.
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CdA: I second Tubbs Hill, and then a walk around the boardwalk. I haven't lived in that area for almost 8 years, so I can't advise on restaurants, but you'll be able to find something good on Sherman Ave., which is a block away from some of the parking areas around Tubbs.

Spokane: Manito Park. It's free (as is Tubbs Hill), and very beautiful. Make sure you bring bread for the ducks and geese.
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The first time we visited, I asked for and got some helpful suggestions about things to eat and do in Spokane and Coeur d'Alene from folks here as well.

I still have a favourite T-shirt I picked up at Boo Radley's in Spokane our first time there. We've been back since to visit family that now lives there. Last time we were there, we checked out Manito Park, which is really nice, with Rockwood Bakery nearby.
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I posted an ask when I was going to Spokane and Coeur D'Alene a few years back. Folks were extremely helpful. Here's what I can remember about my trip:

There's a fast food place in Coeur D'Alene that does grilled cheese. Go there.

In Spokane, you can get great vegan Ethiopian food. Amazing, beautiful stuff. You'll never have to eat again.

Also in Spokane, there is a really great early morning bakery that is very very friendly to vegans and people with food allergies and it's absolutely delicious.
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For a taste of decadence, there's the sumptuous Sunday brunch at the historic Davenport Hotel in Spokane. Because chocolate fountain.
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In Spokane, seconding the recommendations for Auntie’s and Boo Radley’s; there’s also a cute neighborhood a few blocks east called Saranac Commons that has a great vegan restaurant, an awesome vintage store, and lots of other cute shops and restaurants!
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I've had really great meals at The Wandering Table (seasonal and upscale, I suggest a reservation) and The Flying Goat (gastropub pizza and craft beer) in Spokane. Oh, and brunch at The Blackbird!
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In CdA avoid the resort at all costs. 1986 called and it wants its beige Lazy Susan back.
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