Things to do in Spokane, WA for an afternoon or two
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Will be in Spokane in early July for a wedding and we'll likely have an afternoon or two free. Recommendations for things to do or see in a couple hours?

SIL is getting hitched to a USian in Spokane.

We're driving down from Kelowna, so will have a car at my disposal. Looking for things we could do in two to three hours. Won't have time for day trips out of town, just a free afternoon on one or two days.

We like off-the-beaten-path local stuff, museums, history, science-y things.

Also, recommendations on lunch spots welcome. No dietary restrictions here.
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Riverfront Park is a cool walk around sight-seeing thing. There's a mall next to it with several food options.
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I hope you are staying at one of the Davenport Hotel properties...they are wonderful. You didn't say in which area you were staying so I'm assuming downtown.

Here are a few things I'd recommend:

Ride the gondola over the Spokane Falls in downtown...the water levels are low so it won't be as dramatic as it could be. The Expo 74 site (Riverfront Park) is a bit rundown and is actually going to be completely renovated in the near future, but is still a nice place to walk and explore.

Take a drive out to Riverside State Park. The 'bowl and pitcher' is pretty dramatic.

On your return trip take the time to stop at Coulee Dam and take the tour.

In Browne's Addition (Spokane) the MAC museum is a great stop. There is some amazing local history of both the Native Americans to be explored, along with the builders of the city and railroad tycoons who got things started.

Head to Idaho and visit Coeur d'Alene. If you like Cabelas there is a one in Post Falls (just across the state borderline).

Heading a bit further into Idaho there is the historic mining city of Wallace and from what I hear a new zip line adventure too.

If you had more time a lot of people would recommend riding a bike (you can rent from what I understand) on the Hiawatha old rail line that has been converted to a bike bath.

A great fun place to eat breakfast at is Frank's old converted railroad car. Steam plant Bar and Grill has great food as well.

I hope that helps. If I think of anything else I'll pop back on.
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Sorry, should have mentioned: yes, staying downtown.
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Visit Manito Park and stroll the rose hill.
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The Bing Crosby room at Gonzaga University.
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Seconding a visit to Coeur d'Alene.
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Here's another zip line adventure not as far away as Wallace, ID. If you've never zip lined before it is a blast. :)
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For food:
Stella's has yummy sandwiches! Down the street from Stella's is Coeur Coffee if you like coffee. Boots Bakery and Common Crumb Bakery are both good for lunchy stuff and treats - Boots is more salad-y vegan type stuff. Madeline's is another great lunch place, too.

Things to do:
I feel like I'd be remiss if I didn't suggest perusing Auntie's Bookstore - it's huge and it's close to Riverfront Park if you're in that area already. I'd also recommend the Gondola, just for fun.
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We're going to be making a few trips there over the next couple of years I'm sure, so we'll have a chance to do or see anything we don't get to this time .

Thanks for the answers!
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