Ultra-lightweight luggage for international travel
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I'm looking for an ultralightweight suitcase (or duffle? Or ?) that will fit in an international overhead and be as lightweight as possible. I feel like I've seen rolling bags that are essentially wheels attached to a nylon sack that look incredibly lightweight. Also, open to no wheels suggestions.
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If money's (really, really) no object, the D3 Traveller.
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I have the Swissgear 20" Rolling Duffel Getaway and I like it. It has pads next to the wheels like it's supposed to stand up vertically, but the sides are soft and bendy so I have to hold it to keep from falling over. But if I'm rolling it or have it horizontal like a duffel bag then it's great!
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I have an Osprey Ozone that pretty much fits this description, and also fits a surprising quantity of stuff. Very easy to pack for 2-3 weeks.
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I've had the Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag for a few years and it's still serving me well.
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It would be hard, I think, to get below the microscopically tiny weight (120 grams!) of Muji's folding paraglider boston bag. This one holds 34 litres, is, at 30 cm x 20 cm x 50 cm, carry-on sized, and can fold into a tiny pouch. This tote bag is a little heavier at 132 grams and only holds a litre less. Muji's US online shop luggage department doesn't seem to list the boston bag, but they do use it as the icon? Perhaps call them and ask.
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Have you seen Modobag?

(Edit: Just realized how expensive this is! Still cool though).
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I bought this for a recent trip. Fits into the smaller carry-on requirements for some European airlines. I am very, very happy with it. It's also on sale at eBags.

it luggage - Worlds Lightest Los Angeles 2 Wheel 21.5 inch Carry On

They make a whole range of sizes:

Collection of World's Lightest WIDE HANDLE DESIGN cases from it luggage.
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Check out Tom Bihn.
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A cheaper option is cabinzero - more or less what you described as sack with handles; I got mine for about $70. It's a backpack first but has side carry handles and designed to be converted to check in for needed. Capacity 40-45 L and fits in overheads, experimentally proven, with 10 kg of books.
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