The Perfect Moisturizing Face Sunscreen?
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My skin is changing, my current face sunscreen ain't cutting it anymore and clinging to dry bits. Ideas?

I'm treating my acne with topical Retin-A Micro which means I'm still getting some scabbing/dryness/flaking. (I'm only 5 weeks in so it should settle down but I still need a new sunscreen.) I also highly prefer matte foundation for my combo skin.

I currently use Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 30. It's FAR too drying even with lotion under it. It clings to any flakes/scabs and makes them worse and is looking really dry under my makeup. By the end of the day the dry bits look like I'm wearing bad old-age makeup.

What's a good face sunscreen that is moisturizing but not too oily for combination oil-prone skin? Preferable less expensive and from somewhere I can do returns. (Ulta?)

Also I think CeraVe stuff breaks me out. Every time I try it my skin feels clogged.

I know there's lots of past sunscreen questions so if you've seen one that's similar feel free to link me!
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Oh and minimally scented! Strong fragrance will bother my allergies.
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I don't think it's at ULTA but supergoop is what I use. I have broken out with other brands, never this one. People consistently peg me as 5+ years younger than I am, props to their cc cream (it is a little orange, but who doesn't want to look 25 forever).
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Coola or Elta MD both make good physical blocks that work for my dry skin.
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Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 30 moisturizing lotion is great for dry and oily skin
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Second Coola and Supergoop.
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I like Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturizer w/ broad spectrum SPF 30. Many ULTA have a smallish Mario Badescu section.
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Yup I love my Supergoop cc cream. I have dry skin and it has a nice finish.
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I have been wanting to try out Hydro Boost Water Gel Lotion Sunscreen. It’s a clear gel that contains hyaluronic acid which binds water to your skin. I currently use a hyaluronic acid lotion (more of a watery gel) under my usual sunscreen as I find most moisturizing lotions break out my oily skin.
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A bit off-topic, but don't forget to exfoliate your face. Otherwise, any sunscreen or foundation will cling to the dry bits. Exfoliation will also help (some) with the acne. I use glycerin soap (Neutrogena) and a Buf-Puf.
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A bit unexpected, but the Trader Joe’s one is zinc-based and very moisturizing. Plus it’s so inexpensive that it’s definitely worth a shot.
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I have super dry, sensitive skin, and I like EltaMD UV Clear. It was recommended by my dermatologist.
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Neutrogena's Baby Sunscreen stick is super moisturizing (so much so that it tends to give me breakouts but YMMV).
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I have oily-dehydrated skin, so I like to layer a lot of hyaluronic acid underneath my sunscreen. E.g.:

1. Washing my face with water in the morning instead of soap
2. Hada Labo toner
3. Hada Labo serum
4. Orbis sunscreen (I actually prefer this one by Sofina, but it's more pricey for nearly the same thing)
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I have combination skin and use Tarte's Tarteguard, a 30 SPF sunscreen, as a moisturizer. It's lovely and hydrating and never causes me to break out. Warning, it does have a light scent - I find it pleasant and it wears off soon after application, but it may not work for you. Also, it gives a slightly white cast to skin, noticable on a bare face but not under makeup. They carry it at Sephora, which has a very generous return policy.
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Well like $150 later I've got 3 of the Supergoop ones and 1 Coola (unscented) from Sephora and 1 Elta MD Clear from Amazon. Hopefully one of those will work but feel free to keep posting recommendations!
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Rohto Skin Aqua Moisture Milk SPF50 PA++++ Nice under makeup, is full spectrum, and does not cling badly to flaky skin. I also use tretinoin and have bad skin days. The Rohto works great, somewhat moisturizing but not greasy. Also alcohol and fragrance free.
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Blue Lizard FAce Sunscreen.
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