Going away present for my Tacoma-bound friends
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My favorite Millennial couple is moving to Tacoma, Washington. I'd like to send them off with a gift that will help them get acclimated to their new home.

I'm thinking gift certificate to a popular restaurant or trendy part of town, or to some other event or activity that young 20-somethings would like. They're very outdoorsy, and like camping, rock-climbing, hiking, and skiing. They're not so much into beer or micro-breweries or the bar scene, but do enjoy tasting bourbon and hard liquor. He's big into photography and cooking. Or perhaps there's something unique to Tacoma that they just really should experience. The price range I have in mind is $50-$100, but could vary from that for the perfect gift. Any suggestions?
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One of my favorite things about Tacoma is their Museum of Glass--a dual membership is $85 and would let them go see people making glass stuff in the hotshop whenever they wanted, and it's kinda cool! (They have a cam of the hot shop people can watch but being there is cooler.)

Another thing Tacoma has is the best car museum--LeMay at Marymount. There's one in town but this one is cooler. I don't know how you'd get them tickets for a one time visit, but a membership there is $80 and buyable online. I'm not into cars but still found the place fascinating.

Northwest Trek membership is $100 and has trails to see wildlife.

If they are new to Washington, Discover Pass is perfect for an outdoorsy couple and only $35. Just make sure to get it to them before they finish getting their cars reregistered in the state, because they'd probably be tempted to add it on at that point as it's an offered option.
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A gift subscription to the Washington Trails Association. There's nothing special as far as loot about being a member -- you can access the website for free -- but they're a good organization.
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An America the Beautiful pass costs $80 and grants access to every national park and national forest (and other public lands) for a year, so it’ll get them into Mt. Rainier and Olympic (North Cascades is free) and most of the hiking and camping lands around the state with the exception of the state parks which the Discover Pass covers. I don’t think I’ve used my Discover Pass twice this year, but I’ve got hundreds of dollars of use out of the AtB.
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