Hit me with a rom-com in serial form
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My gorgeous wife and myself would like to find a romantic comedy series to watch, please help!

Things we've liked recently: Married, Love, Togetherness, so it doesn't have to be all meet-cutes, it can also be married couples having a rough time.
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Lovesick on Netflix.
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Catastrophe on Amazon Prime.
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It never got finished, but I loved Selfie. It's on Hulu.
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Came into say Lovesick. It is so lovely.
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Sseconding Catastrophe. It's so funny, so beautiful, so wonderfully awful -- Mr. BlahLaLa and I love it, and we've been married 23 years, so.
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Does a comedic deconstruction of the romcom genre count? If so, I cannot say enough good things about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
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Jane the Virgin!
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If you're cool with subtitles, korean dramas are the best source of episodic romcom deliciousness out there. I recommend Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo.
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I second korean dramas as a good source, Coffee Prince being my absolute favorite.
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Cold Feet from series 1 (I think it's on Netflix in the US).
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Detectorists (available on Netflix US?) - Not a romantic comedy as such but has the most wonderfully sweet moments between couples and long time friends.

Not sure where you can see it but the BBC comedy drama Last Tango in Halifax was lovely too - an older couple reconnect having not seen each other since their school days.

Brilliant writing and acting, both are in my top ten of the best comedy dramas of the past decade.
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I have an actor friend and we feel obligated to at least try out every show she is in. Jane the Virgin, against my expectations, is one of the only ones that has stuck with us. Rogelio is a guaranteed laugh.
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Man Seeking Woman is very good serial romantic comedy.
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Master of None on Netflix starts out as a meditation on friendship and dating and then gets more complicated. Loved it.
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Beauty and the Baker on Amazon Prime.
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Oh wow! Years ago I noticed the show "Scrotal Recall" on Netflix, which caught my attention because of the odd name, but sounded interesting so I gave it a watch. It turned out to be really good and sweet and I loved it and I patiently awaited season 2 and then apparently forgot about it after a while because it never appeared.

If I hadn't seen this thread and clicked on Brainmouse's link in the first comment I probably NEVER would have found out that this show DID come back for more seasons, but they changed the name to Lovesick! This is the most amazing news I've seen all week. I know what I'll be binge-watching this weekend. Thanks Metafilter!
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Came here to second Detectorists. It is so, so quirky, original and good.

Also jumping on the Catastrophe bandwagon here.
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Splitting Up Together had an 8 episode season this past spring and it is coming back. It was on ABC, so you can watch it on their website.
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It’s not a traditional romantic comedy but the relationship between Eleanor and cheadie on The good place (netflix) is really sweet! It’s also really funny.
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