San Francisco (or Peninsula) Chinese Classes for Adults
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What are the best in-person classroom programs for adult Chinese language students in San Francisco and the Peninsula (preferably north of San Mateo)?

I am an intermediate-level Mandarin speaker seeking to maintain and improve my skill. I am familiar with various self-study resources and informal meet-ups, but really prefer the structure and exposure to different speaking styles I get through a more formal classroom environment.

I did some advanced-level study in college but that was several years ago, and I know my listening comprehension and speaking ability have both declined over time. However, I don't need to repeat work in beginner-level grammar and pronunciation. I am especially interested in improving fluency in discussing professional topics, current events, media, etc. and bridging the gap between talking about basic daily-life topics and having more substantial conversations.

My availability is generally confined to times outside of working hours but I can be flexible on budget. It's easy for me to get places within San Francisco or down the Peninsula, but not to the East Bay.
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City College of San Francisco has a variety of Mandarin teachers. I suggest you contact the teachers and ask for resources. Courses are free to San Francisco residents, if you happen to find one that works for you.
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