Where can I find casual plus-size skirts that fall BELOW THE KNEE?
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My casual skirts are old and have holes in them so I need new ones. I definitely need plus-size skirts and I want skirts that reach at least to below my knees.

What I'd love, ideally, is a bunch of plain, plus-size jersey-knit pencil skirts that hit me right below the knee but I don't know if these exist and I'm not really in a position to make them myself. Is there somewhere that sells these (ideally somewhere that isn't too expensive but I can be a little flexible on this)?

I would really prefer specific links and not, like "Amazon has a bunch of these" -- I have scrolled through Amazon and it overwhelms me pretty fast. I need a few items that are be nice enough to wear to see my mother but comfortable and casual enough to go with a t-shirt; I just want something I can throw on in the summer/early fall without thinking about it.

I would not be 100% adverse to some comfortable, flattering, non-athletic/jean shorts that are not too short, too long, or too tight (but also definitely not blousy) but tbh I have mostly given up wearing shorts because of how they make me feel about my body so I'm looking more generally for skirts. Thank you so much for any help you can provide!
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What's your price point?
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Decent Exposures, which I found out about from a previous Ask. They don't make the skirt until you order it, so you can have any length you want. The quality is great and you can pay extra for pockets. I found the prices quite reasonable.
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Lands End has exactly what you describe - ponte knit, plus-size, knee-length, pencil, not terribly expensive. If you look at all of their plus-size options there are a few more casual knit skirts in different shapes and longer lengths as well.
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Torrid has a bunch of ponte knit pencil skirts that fall just barely below the knee. Not everything on that search result fits that description, but a bunch do.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions so far! To clarify, I'm okay for clothes for work, I want stuff for hanging out (wearing to the playground, etc.), and it's possible I misunderstand the definition of "pencil skirt" -- I don't want anything tight, just basically straight up-and-down. Imagine you are going to spend a week at a cabin by a lake with my mother and you want skirts you can just throw on that look okay but are definitely casual. Thanks again!
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Do you like the A-line foldover style like this?
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Possibly Decent Exposures' "straight" cut would work for you; I wear their full cut so I can't speak to that. But they are great and helpful and will put pockets in or adjust the length or whatever you need.
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I think these look pretty good.
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I don't know if these will be plus-size enough, but I wanted to throw in a recommendation for Stretch is Comfort. Their sizes go up to 3X (which they identify as equivalent to a size 20-22). I've tried 2 skirts from them, and both seemed well constructed. They come in several colors, some have pockets, and the company's customer service is excellent; when the first skirt I ordered wasn't to my taste, they suggested a couple of alternatives and were happy to do an exchange. They shipped the exchange the same day they received the one I sent back, and were in touch with me throughout the whole process.
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Modcloth has this one in a good size range - if the fabric is lightweight enough it should hang straight unless you start spinning.

Woman Within, maybe longer than you want
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Pencil skirt is, indeed, tight.
Can you take a peek at this guide and give us a sense of what you like? Also maybe the mods can edit the post?
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Pencil skirts are usually tight. Are you open to dresses? Old Navy has a decent selection if you are ok with their style. Some hit right at the knee. But if you're short like me, they end up falling a bit lower.

Even if you don't end up liking their designs, you can learn the names of the different styles of dresses. (Shift dresses are pretty much straight, but I don't think they're as flattering as fit and flare.)

You can also add a t-shirt over a dress as long as the necklines work. High-necked t-shirts help.
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I also came to say Land's End. They have a good size range and they specialize in clothes that are comfortable, durable, washable, and a little on the conservative side (so plenty of below-the-knee options). It looks like they've got a 40% off coupon on their website at the moment, which is also helpful. Here are some links that might be of interest:
- Below-the-knee jean pencil skirt
- Ponte straight skirt
- Direct link to their plus-sized skirt options - there are only about 15 right now, so hopefully not an overwhelming number

If you want something cheaper and don't mind it being less durable, here are some other options:
- Target jersey midi pencil skirt
- Target A-line midi skirt with tie
- Modcloth black jersey A-line skirt
- Modest Knee Length Stretch Twill Pencil Skirt
- Lightweight Knit Elastic Waist Flared Midi Skirt
- Basic stretch A-line skirt with pockets
- Knit A-line skirt with pockets

In case it's of use -- here's a guide to skirt shapes. It sounds like you may be looking for a straight skirt (pencil skirts hug the body a bit more closely), in a midi length (generally falls a bit below the knee). I have to be honest -- these are not in style right now for casual wear (though you can always find them in formal business suiting) and may be tough to find. You'll probably have more options if you look for a midi-length A-line or pencil skirt, or even a maxi skirt (like this).
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I don't know where you are based, but I love Rickis clothes.

Their sizes are extremely generous, I'm usually around a size 10 and take an 8 in most of their clothes. They have a great selection of skirts to choose from...
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I find ponte knits less rugged. They snag burrs and stuff if I wear a long one walking or in the yard. Removing burrs may have caused the snag that killed one of my favorite skirts recently.

Why is amazon so stupid about search? Probably because they want you to buy what they want, not what you want. sport skirt. Sweatshirt skirt was more short skirts, a few long. This is not straight, but I have worn this type of skirt and it's super comfortable.

This looks comfy and long, and it has pockets.
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Consider having maxi skirts hemmed? That opens your selection up a lot.
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If you don't mind skirts that fall WAY below the knees, I've been living in stretchy cotton-blend maxi skirts from Talbots and Lands End this summer. Talbots is having their end-of-season sale, so prices are pretty reasonable. Here are their current sale options for plus-size longer lengths.
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I'm not sure exactly what you're looking for - but Lindy Bop have pages of knee-length, plus size casual skirts to look at.
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Universal Standard is my jam now. I cannot recommend them enough. They have stuff for work and stuff for hanging out and the whole vibe is sexy but relaxed and sophisticated.
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If you know someone in LulaRoe, this is definitely in their wheelhouse.
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Straight skirts are tough, but I have a lot of below-the-knee A-line or gathered skirts. Several are Lands End and several more are from Avenue.

The Lands End are heavier, solid, ponte knit and great for work.

The others are light cotton and nice for summer casual wear.
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I'm currently obsessed with this company. They have this thing:

and they may have other options in overstock; dunno.
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Ureshii.org's pencil skirts. Made to your measurements. In my experience, they will happily work with you to reach your desired fit and length.
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