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Seems it's been awhile since anyone asked about clothing web sites for us big girls. I'm a 22-24, 2x, and just want some new ideas for my wardrobe. I'm not asking about any particular style, just throw your favorite sites at me! (I'm craving palazzo pants right now!)
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Fast fashion, not exactly high quality, but super fun:
Asos Curve
Charlotte Russe
Forever21 Plus

Varying quality levels:
ModCloth Extended Sizes

Beth Ditto's clothing line (and oh wow those prices got super low since last I looked)
Lord and Taylor carries an impressive amount of very nice extended sizes
Calvin Klein Plus (I've had great luck with this line for work clothes)
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Eshakti goes from 0 to 36 and everything can be tailored to your exact measurements so you look fantastic. You can usually also alter hem length, sleeves, and necklines.
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Gwynnie Bee is actually sort of a clothes rental place for the want of a better word but it's a great place to try new designers & styles without a huge commitment. They often have a free months trial.
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Cotton, layerable, very forgiving styles.
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The blog Fat Girl Flow has done a whole series of great "Where to Shop" posts
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Simply Be carries a wide variety of styles and the quality is decent, although ordering from the UK is slow (one time it got stuck in customs and took two months).
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I don't know if you are looking for basics at all, but the women's XXL at Old Navy fit me great at a 22/24. That's regular women's XXL, not plus 2X, even though they are supposed to be equivalent. Their plus line is pretty terrible in my experience.
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I've bought a bunch of stuff from Yours Clothing and been quite satisfied - although I had to size down relative to what their size guides said should fit me. I also wear a lot of things from Old Navy, and although they are hit and miss, they are often better value and variety than what I can buy in Australia.
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Talbots, jjill, ll bean, lands end.

My waist and hips are about the same size, so I can wear men's pants (which I prefer because pockets).
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Eloqui They usually have palazzo pants. :). Tops run a little small, pants are awesome.
Universal Standard Expensive but really nice quality.
I like Eileen Fisher stuff when I can find it on sale.
Johnny Was and JWLA plus size when I need something floral and pretty
Violeta is Mango's plus size line.
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I wear a lot of Cow Cow dresses. They're inexpensive, they're super comfortable, and they look fantastic - I get compliments every time I wear one. I'm 5'3", 230ish pounds, and wear XXL in Cow Cow. Some of the patterns are definitely novelty (which if that's your thing, rock on), but some are a lot more subtle too too - like the peacocks (me in the peacocks, since their stock photos are not great).

I will second the top end of Old Navy's straight sizes for bigger women, especially for leggings and activewear.

For dressier, Muxxn is really great for women of a certain shape, though look for the ones that have free returns and be prepared to order a couple of sizes and return, since not all of their XXLs are built alike. But they're gorgeous, heavy, well made dresses in a world where dressy dresses for big women can be really pricey (me at a friend's wedding in one).
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US Based (Sorry for geographical based links, some websites default there):
Lane Bryant
Land's End (US and UK)
J. Jill
Eileen Fisher
Ralph Lauren

Japanese: As Know As (Try Pinky and Olaca), Jshoppers and closing on October 20th is Nissen.

European: Marina Rinaldi (Plus sized Max Mara)
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For me, nothing compares to the European designers available on Navabi, if you can afford it. Returns are easy and shipping their customer service is responsive and human.
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Take a look at Ureshii. I have a bunch of pieces from them. They are hand made and high quality, and Emily and Amanda are wonderful to work with.
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A note about Cow Cow dresses mentioned above since so few people seem to know this: Cow Cow's website ( allows anyone to submit and sell a design, so you're not limited to what you find on Amazon. If you're artistic, you can even design your own dress.
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IndigoRain: !!!!!!!! I had no idea. :)
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I recently bought a bunch of new work clothes, after starting a new job, so I can speak to this with some immediacy.

Eloquii was great for tops, jackets, and pants. That Kady fit pant is da bomb. Measure yourself, or have someone else measure you, and then follow their sizing chart.

I also found some very nice things at Macy's, specifically the Calvin Klein plus collection, as mentioned above. Also, Melissa McCarthy's line is nice, and a great deal when the pieces are on sale. I find the blouses etc. are very flattering and well made. Macy's has this True Fit size tool where you set up a profile and they recommend what size you should buy. I found it surprisingly accurate!

For cheap stuff, I often buy from Old Navy online, in their XXL Tall size: t-shirts, sweaters, etc. And take a look at the maternity section! I bought some maternity maxi dresses in the XXL and they are perfect, you can't tell that they're specifically made for pregnant ladies at all. Bonus: the tops have enough material that they are long enough, which is usually a problem for me with my combined long torso/generous belly.
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Also, if you like the idea of having someone else do the shopping for you, try Dia & Co which is th big girls version of Stitchfix. I've been very happy with the two boxes I've gotten.
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I use (I this that's the right url). I also use
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I maintain a Google spreadsheet of plus-sized women's online clothing stores, which I expect I'll be adding to from the replies to this entry. It's mostly US-focused at the moment, and inconsistent in the cost ratings, etc. (It's also locked down to editing so it doesn't get vandalized, but if someone is a frustrated cataloger at heart and really wants to help standardize it to make it easier to use, or wants to add more international stores or what-have-you, MeMail me and I'll add you.)
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