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I want to see more extension buttons to the right of my URL bar. However, I see NO way to shorten the overly long URL box on Chrome. Have searched high and low, to no avail.

Is it possible to shorten the URL box on Google Chrome. I'm running Chrome V.68 on a Mac Pro, running OS High Sierra.
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The width depends on how many extension icons you have visible. More icons visible = smaller URL bar. I'm not aware of a way to shorten it otherwise.

Here's an article that will show you how to arrange the icons if you don't know how. Look for the heading "Arrange extensions on your toolbar".
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From elerina's link above, I've learned that if I hover over the right-hand edge of the address bar, a double arrow pops up and I can drag it to the right to hide extension icons, or drag it to the left to show any icons I've hidden. As you add extensions, the address bar will either shorten itself, or you can hover then drag it to make room. By the look of it, it will only shorten if there are icons to fill the space.
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Very unintuitive, I think. I find I must go to the three dots at the far right, highlight the extension icons there and choose to have them in the toolbar. SOLVED. Thanks all.
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You can simply drag the right hand of the address bar to the left, and more extension icons will be visible on the toolbar
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