Like if a mining drill actually was called a "Widowmaker" (c)
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What are some types of industrial tools or equipment (preferably the kind used for mining, construction, or earth-moving) whose names come across as particularly violent or scary? It's for a story, so no brand names please. Nicknames won't work either - it needs to be a descriptive name for an actual tool that exists in real life.

Tools that core, extract, ram, drill, grind, mash etc are all in the right direction. Thanks!
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Like a macerator?
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Concrete crusher

Shredder (think scrap metal)
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There's a right-angle drill made by Milwaukee called a Hole Hog that sometimes is called a "wrist breaker".
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Rammer (soil compactor).
(also, ripsaw, ripping saw, gang ripsaw)
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Chain trencher?

Impact crusher?

Demolition robot?
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There's a surgical tool called a Virchow skull breaker

I always wanted one to keep on my desk.
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The name derives from a "bull-dose," which is a dose of medicine or punishment large enough to handle a bull. Bulldozer initially referred to a really large pistol, and then the general process of using brute force go to over or through an obstacle. A bulldozer metaphorically treats a construction site the same way.
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the pothole killer
breaker boom
battering ram
pile driver
hoe ram
rock crusher
earth rammer
mine blaster
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Williams Crusher has some wild sounding stuff in its product list. Some of it might fall into the brand name territory you want to avoid, but not all of it. On a quick browse I noticed these:

Rocket Hammer Mills
Slugger Crushers
Rigid Arm Breakers
Reversible Nuggetizer Crusher
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I was always scared of the flail.
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The radial arm saw, or as it was know in our household, the "Arm Saw".
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What about a mangle? It's used for laundry, not mining or anything.
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walking dragline, stripping shovel, feller bunchers, knuckleboom loaders
source: caterpillar equipment
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Even better, the big Milwaukee drills are actually branded the Hole-Hawg.

Also the most popular line of power trenchers is called the Ditch Witch. They’re basiclly big chainsaws on wheels you shove into the ground. This is the smallest one they make!
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Yes, that's what I meant.
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A simple "power take off" can really mess you up if you catch your cuff in it while riding on the back while your grandfather rumbles down the road (I was always very careful, whew)

Sawzall is a product name, reciprocating saw would be the generic term.
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Hammer Drill, Rock Crusher
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Came in to add bulldozer but saw it's already been suggested. I think it's important to also understand the racialized nature of the history of this word.
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Man I'm disappointed you guys missed Stump Grinder.
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Stanley sells FUBAR, the "forcible entry tool" which is designed for demolition: it's part hammer, part prybar, part 2x4-eater, and in general is made for breaking apart common housing materials. I don't know if its forcible entry qualities would be better than a Halligan Bar, but that has a boring name by comparison.

I'll take it on faith you know what FUBAR means.
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Iron Roughneck

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A breaker bar is a long non-ratcheting socket wrench.

A spike maul is like a pointy sledgehammer.

A nut driver maybe for a chuckle?
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Oh disregard, not industrial.
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Blasting equipment, like blasting caps, blasting initiators, disruptors, maybe.

Abrasive blasters, like sandblasting, sound pretty brutal too.
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If you have a nut that is so badly rusted onto a bolt that you can't remove it with a wrench, you need a nut splitter.
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In woodworking, a mortising chisel chops holes and is very commonly called a “pig sticker”.
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Be careful with "bulldozer." It's more complicated than Joey Buttafoucault says. See "What in the Word?!The racist roots of ‘bulldozer’":
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Tree crushers. These were used to clear large swaths of land quickly--the US military used them to deforest Vietnam in an attempt to eliminate Viet Cong hiding spots, before they decided to go with the cheaper, easier option of Agent Orange.
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So, this is kinda dumb but we were told not to call a “stop switch” a “kill switch”.

A trimmer multi-tool with a power head on one end and interchangeable tools you can attach to the shaft is called a “split boom”.

The metal pieces that attach ceiling fan blades to the motor are called “blade irons”.
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T- reamer
Broom torch
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Stump grinder
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The nozzles on fire hoses without a shut off valve were/are called suicide nozzles.
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Face Drilling Jumbo

Bucket Wheel Excavators have kind of a mundane name until you know what they are.
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also, the rotary blast hole drill: "ensure your targeted penetration rates!"
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Ripper or ripper teeth on an excavator, grader, dozer....
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Morcellators used to be used in hysterectomies to grind up the uterus before removing it from the body.
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