IPad puzzle games for a 5 year old?
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My nearly 5 year old loves Contre Jour on her iPad. What other games are like that? Puzzle games with low emphasis on dexterity, beautiful graphics, nice music ideal.
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My 5yo loves a game called 3d Block Puzzle. The version that costs a buck but has no ads is worth it.
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Monument Valley and its sequel are both beautiful puzzle games that my similarly aged child enjoys.

Looking at the trailer for Contre Jour, that looks like your child may also like the Angry Birds games, but they fail the nice music ideal you requested.
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I found World of Goo pretty similar, though it's a different aesthetic.

And Botanicula.
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Dancing Line is not a puzzle game, but meets all your other requirements (plus my 5-year-old loves it and is really good at it). Free but you will probably want to In-App-Purchase Infinite cubes and No ads very soon if your kid likes it.
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