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Should we buy champagne in Duty Free or in NYC?

My kid sister is getting hitched in NYC next month and we plan to make our way through a quite a few bottles of bubbly. Would we be wiser to stock up at airport duty free or buy when we hit Manhattan? If the latter, could anyone recommend where to buy and how much we'd pay for a decent non-vintage as well as the pricier stuff? Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Forgot to say we're travelling from the UK!
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There's a limit to how much alcohol you can bring into the United States duty free - 1 litre person. I'd imagine if you've got 'quite a few' in mind, you're planning to exceed that limit.
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Yeah, you won't be able to get much passed Customs. If you want to buy in the city, I like Union Square Wines. Big selection, helpful staff, all that. Here is their champagne page, prices and all.
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I wholeheartedly recommend my local plonk boutique, Garnet Wines. Their selection is fabulous and the prices are good. They'll also deliver, so if you want to call ahead you can get them to send a case or two to your hotel.
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Duty free is NOT a bargain in comparison to US prices from the cheapo wine stores.

I recommend warehouse wines and spirits, 735 Broadway at Astor place (just south of 8th st). (212-982-7770) Cheaper than union sq or astor place wines.

Hint if you can, go during the day, not on a weekend. Less busy, the staff has more time to give advice.

There, decent NV champagne goes for $30-$40. If you want really good named stuff, $60, but if you don't care about brand recognition, I'd follow their recommendations, as I've drunk stuff nicer than the standard NV moet/tattinger/veuve etc. for about 60% of the price.

Colngratulations to kid sister btw. Enjoy the apple!
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