What is the best liquor to have a friend buy me from a duty free store?
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What is the best liquor to have a friend buy me from a duty free store? [more inside]

My soon to be roommate is on a cruise and he wants to buy me a housewarming gift (aka, an excuse for us to get drunk when he gets back) from the duty free store. I've heard of various liquors that are only available at duty free stores (usually stronger versions of the normal stuff, I think) but nothing's springing to mind. Since this is a gift for me paid for by him, I'm not going to ask him for 30-year scotch or anything too outlandish, but does anyone know of interesting/tasty liquor for him to get me?
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That kinda depends where your friend is going. Akvavit, Tequila, Bourbon, Absinth: get something that's local and not available near your place. Don't buy stuff because "it must be cheap, it's Duty Free": often it is just as expensive as in the shops (example: duty free shopping on the ferry from Holland to the UK is more expensive than shops in Holland).
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Response by poster: hmmm, well his cruise is from florida to long beach california, by way of the panama canal. not sure where he is now, but I think he's just talking about the duty free shop that's on the boat. I guess with his route there might be good rum and tequila?
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On a trip back from Canada, I stopped at a duty free shop and was amazed at how cheap stuff was in comparison to home (NYC). I picked up a bottle of Laphroaig for about 40% off. YMMV.
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Get a really good tequila. Nectar of the gods.
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Response by poster: Any particular recommendations for really good tequila?
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Chinaco, Patron, Tres Generations (there's a blue bottle that goes for $200-$300+ in the States if he can find it), Heradura (I know I didn't spell that right). The first two are top shelf in a typical American Bars go (it is where I've worked- but don't even talk about Cuervo being top shelf) and I highly recomend silver instead of anejo or reposado. Goes down like silky water.
However, I would also tell him to keep an eye out for speciality tequilla bottles. Sometimes you can find a gem of a tequilla bottle that is hand-blown and has some wicked-cool design inside.
Also, for top shelf silver tequillas, instead of using salt and limes, try using brown sugar and oranges. It's the shit!
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The best widely-available tequila in the world (barring rare boutique specialties you'll only encounter once in a lifetime) is El Tesoro - the silver/blanco. Distribution isn't as good as Herradura or Patron, but the product is to die for. If your friend comes home with Cuervo, let him drink alone.
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