Excel formula to return closest friday 30 days out.
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Our accounting department wants us to put our invoice due date as the friday before the actual due date 30 days out and I would like to automate it. Please help

With our net 30 accounts if an invoice is dated 7/25 and is due 8/20 our internal due date is 8/17. Can I write a formula to automatically calculate this date? I'm pretty sure it will involve the WEEKDAY formula and some math that I can't figure out.
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Use WEEKDAY on the due date. Then subtract this value+1.

i.e. WEEKDAY of 8/20 (a Monday) is 2, using the default return type (Sun(1) to Sat(7))

Adding 1, you get 3, which is the number of days you need to subtract from the actual due date to get the invoice due date.

So if A1 is the actual due date, the formula to put the preceding Friday into B1 is:
= A1 - (WEEKDAY(A1) +1)
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Seconding pipeski. That works.
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Best answer: Actually, that doesn't quite work. It gets the wrong Friday for Saturdays!
You need to add a modulus function:

= A1 - (MOD(WEEKDAY(A1),7) + 1)
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If the actual due date is a Friday, do they want the adjusted date to be a week before that?
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Best answer: Yeah, if you want Friday invoices to be due on the same day, and not the preceding Friday, you can use:

=IF(WEEKDAY(A1)=6, A1, A1-(MOD(WEEKDAY(A1),7)+1))
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