Afternoon hangout near OAK
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I'm picking up a friend at Oakland Airport in a few days. I'd like to take her to a coffeeshop or somewhere else that we can hang out for 3 hours till we go back to pick up another friend. Can you recommend a place that will be open through 5 PM, is within a 15-20 minute drive (even Alameda), is a comfortable place with wifi and coffee, has parking, and has some character? (She's new to the West Coast and it'd be nice to hang out in something other than a Starbucks if possible.)
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Julie‘s in Alameda has a cute patio.

Another idea would be Café Leila in Berkeley, although that‘s maybe a bit too far.
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I'd go to Alameda...maybe Julie's Coffee? It's pretty close and very cozy. Nice patio if it's nice out, which it probably will be.
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The Local in Alameda is also good, and just down the street.
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San Leandro is pretty close and has some good local breweries if that is also your cup of tea. 21st Amendment and Drakes are pretty close to the airport!
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Seconding The Local. I spent part of the afternoon there today.
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15-20 minutes would get you to downtown Oakland so lots of options, easiest and closest to airport would be Jack London area (right off 880). Fairly easy parking in that neighborhood, both Bicycle Coffee and Blue Bottle have roasteries that are open until at least 5.

Bicycle Coffee is definitely the neighborhood spot and very west coast. Warehouse cafe where you sit inside next to the bean roaster inside or outside on the sidewalk. CBD iced coffee and good wifi. If by in a few days you mean Friday, coffee is free on Fridays.
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Blue Dot Cafe, 1910 Encinal, Alameda. Good breakfast and lunch, good coffee, good neighborhood spot. Plenty of street parking.
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Go the super-secret back way to downtown Alameda and you won't need to go on the freeway.
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If you're talking 5PM on a weekday the traffic getting back from Oakland could be terrible. Berkeley's definitely too far.
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Octopus Literary Salon (if you’re going into actual Oakland)
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Red Bay Coffee in Fruitvale has a garden, but sadly closes at 4pm. There's one Downtown as well, closes at 4:30 most days. It's a great locally owned Oakland business.

Cafe Santana has coffee and food, hours are variable (and different in two different spots on their site, perhaps call them).
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World Ground Coffeehouse on Macarthur Boulevard. There's plenty of street parking, they have WiFi, and it's a very homey place. Open until 6 most weekdays, I believe.
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Yeah, we'll probably need to be back at the airport around 5 PM, and it will be a weekday. Thanks for all the suggestions! I think Julie's is winning, partly because I used to live in Alameda and I know where it is even if it opened after my time, but it's really good to have all these other good choices. And thank you, kirkaracha, I used to know that route but had entirely forgotten it.
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