foster child's civil rights?
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You aren't my lawyer, or my social worker, but: does a foster child (removed from a good foster home as part of a sibling pair, where only the much older sibling's interests were considered) have a right - beyond the state's code, ethical code, guidance manual, etc - to visits with the former foster parents, if she wishes? I have done cursory research on this, but it may just be a rumor or wishful thinking. Thanks for any suggestions.
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Short answer: no.They don't havevthe right.

But depending in the state andbwhere the kid went it may be possible to estsblish a community relationship, in which one provides support and has contact.
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If your state has a CASA or other advocate for the child, that would be the best avenue to pursue because they may see it as being in the best interest of the child.
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Oh haha -CASA here is an apologist for the worst local agency in the state. Court-appointed, but not special and definitely not an advocate.
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I confess I don't *know* the answer, but I am both a lawyer and a foster parent and in our experience there's no independent right of the child to maintain a connection.

One of our greatest heartaches about fostering is losing touch with the kids after they are gone. We had two girls that moved to an adoptive home with their brothers, and we tried really hard to maintain a relationship. Nothing crazy: just a short visit every now and then, a call for their birthday, etc. New foster parents are just NOT interested and have basically just said "no" to each request. I think their motives are pure, and knowing how hard it can be it's not my place to second-guess, but it sucks.

The case worker and CASA person seem to agree that it would be good for the girls to maintain some connection, but there's no interest on their part in nudging the new foster parents that way. Once the girls left our care, any legal relationship we had seems to have vanished immediately and is subject to the goodwill of the new parents.
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