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What are some good reading recommendations to help me overcome my abandonment issues?

I've been in a great relationship for 6 months and I've been struggling to overcome abandonment issues. I've been showing obvious signs (always focusing on the negative aspects, trouble letting go of an argument, fear of rejection.. etc) and I want to work on helping myself. Abandonment issues mainly stem from my first relationship. It was emotional, fast and ended out of nowhere soon after. She stopped to talking to me completely and I went through a traumatic experience trying to figure out what happened. I've always struggled with it in my past relationships (it pretty much ended one of them) and I never confronted it until now.

I understand I won't truly overcome it until I see a professional but I'd like to get a head start and wrap my head around what it is I'm dealing with. I don't want to hurt this wonderful relationship I'm in and I feel I'm starting to sabotage myself.

Please, are there any good books that I could pick up that could help me get on the right path.

Thank you.
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When I first saw your question I thought of an article --- not a book --- titled "Ancient Wisdom Reveals 6 Rituals That Will Make You Happy". I have been trying to use the advice it contains in my daily life and find it helpful. It might help you a bit with your sadness, negativity and anxiety, especially since you say you intend to consult a professional and just want something introductory. It's a relatively short read, a bit longer if you branch off into some of the links within the article. Maybe it will pass the time until someone posts a book recommendation or something closer to your specific issue.
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How to be an adult in relationships by David Richo and Attached: The Science of Adult attachment by Amir Levine are good resources for this!
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