Name that black hole film
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Please help me find the name of a weird educational science film I watched in high school. It was about the Big Bang and astrophysics. The action took place aboard a set that was supposed to be some kind of space station, where about three people discussed these issues. At the end, everyone got sucked into a black hole and the film ended abruptly.
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Around what year was this film made? I seem to recall a similar film but it also has some of the same elements as the Disney film The Black Hole.
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this guy can help, he may even own a copy.
Disney educational films are usually pretty f***ed up.
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You know Skip, TL?

And try They have a lot of old educational films.
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yep. we are good friends. he married me and my first husband (well, only and current husband, but you have to keepem on their toes)
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Wow, that's quite a film - especially considering the ending. Most educational films don't have such an abrupt ending.

I would have guessed an episode of Cosmos (which was distributed on film to schools) but you'd probably remember Carl Sagan. Or maybe a Disney educational film that used footage from their feature film "The Black Hole", but I can't find any reference to such a film in my AV database.

I don't have this film, but here's a possible candidate:

Black Holes and Quasars - 1982 - Buz Alexander Productions
Uses an array of special effects and interviews with noted astronomers and physicists to take a simulated voyage through the cosmos to seek out and explore black holes and quasars.

You can email me directly if you can remember more about the film.
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