Appealing, school-appropriate video game clip?
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I would like to find a link for a short video clip of a video game that meets certain criteria. It will go into a presentation to elementary school teachers, as a quick backdrop to a point about interactive games that will be used in school, and that will be fun while challenging kids to think and learn. (It won't itself BE that game; it just has to plausibly look the part.) It needs to have some connection to an outer space theme.

So to recap and clarify the criteria:
* At least a 5-second, decent quality clip available online.
* Looks appropriate for kids younger than 12.
* Looks appropriate for a school setting (so, no shoot 'ems, etc.).
* Look like it helps kids think and learn, but preferably not as explicitly as math sums that appear on screen or something - think more like 'puzzles and challenges,' less like 'pick the word that starts with A.'
* Looks interactive.
* Some connection to an outer space theme.

Suggestions would be great, links even better.
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Katamari Damacy! Google for clips. Puzzle and challenge based, with a bit of a space theme! So much fun!
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Space Station Sim (demo & QuickTime preview available)
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A video for the upcoming game Spore might work. The latter part of the game will have an outer space theme. For example: this short video.
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Best answer: How about the Samorost games, or any of the games from Amanita Design?
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This is what I immediately thought of: Molecularium

Be sure to visit for the games and for the video clips.

Good luck!
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How about Fez? It's kid-friendly, non-violent, puzzling in a fascinating way, and the whole game takes place way up in the middle of the sky. It nicely recalls the older 8-bit platform games while giving it a cool 3D twist.

It's also an independent game, which is nice. Cool music, too.
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(I should mention that the fun part of the game doesn't show up until about a third of the way through the trailer)
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Response by poster: These are GREAT answers. Thank you so much. A number of them fit the bill, but Samorost 2 from the link crios pointed me to fulfills the combination of criteria even better than I could have hoped! Thanks for all the help.
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I'm glad I could be of help.
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