Recipes with large (at least 1/2 C) quantities of nutritional yeast?
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I'm cleaning out my pantry and have a bunch of nutritional yeast that I need to use up. Most of the recipes I'm finding online only use 1 or 2 tablespoons -- does anyone have healthy-ish recipes that use at least 1/2 C of the stuff? No dietary restrictions, so open to vegan or non-vegan dishes.
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Cheesy Kale Chips:

So addictive!
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I can use a lot in my vegan TVP burritos.
Generally, I sautee some onions and peppers and garlic in plenty of oil then add a can of black beans, a can of diced tomatoes, all juices, up to 1c TVP and 1/2c (or more) nutritional yeast— the extra umami/cheesy flavor reall goes well in burritos imo. I usually spice with chili powder, cumin, black pepper and salt, use chicken stock if you need extra moisture and dig on animal flavor. Canned or fresh corn fits in nicely too.
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It's generally a vegan replacement for parmesan cheese, though it doesn't ahve the same melting quality. So, pasta (in-sauce), pesto, pizza... that's where I'd start.
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vegan mushroom gravy, you can add at least half a cup. use potato flour to thicken.
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"Cheese" sauce is a classic (I haven't made that exact one but I've made very similar recipes in the past and I prefer this style to others I've tried). You can skip the dried mustard or just use a squirt or two of whatever prepared mustard you have.

It's pretty neutral on its own so you can add whatever flavors/seasonings (for instance, chipotle powder or other spice blends or say, pesto or salsa) you'd like. It's good over vegetables, pasta or beans and also as a dip (well, depending what you add).

On its own, it can last a few days in the fridge. Some of what you mix it with (like pasta) should freeze nicely.
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Andrea Nguyen has a great vegan pho in which you mix nutritional yeast with water, let it sit, then keep the flavorful liquid and get rid of the “sludge.”

This technique works really well for anywhere you want a big boost of umami flavor - use the liquid for other soups, in tomato sauce, for risotto, etc. I’d make a 1:1 batch, then freeze in an ice cube tray, then store in a freezer bag. Instant umami.

Of course, popcorn with lots of salt and nutritional yeast is a classic for a reason... 1-2 movie nights would go thru at least a cup of it.
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You can freeze it for up to two years. I just add it to popcorn, grilled cheese, tacos, just about any roasted vegetable.
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Put it on popcorn. Lots.
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This mac and cheese recipe calls for a 1/4 of a cup, but I put at least double that. I like it better w/o the cider vinegar and make sure you add enough salt to get it "sharp."

Also, this scrambled tofu will easily take 1/2 cup.
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Dredge pieces of tofu in it and bake. Surprisingly good!
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It's generally a vegan replacement for parmesan cheese,

More generally it's a significant component in LOTS of vegan cheeses, so that's a good category of recipe to look for.
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Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Cafe Yumm sauce knock off.

(What is Cafe Yumm sauce? Well, I was in Portland last month and this restaurant chain had these delicious bowls of rice and beans and things and they were topped with this sauce and it was so delicious, and when I got home, I found this knockoff recipe for it, which is quite good, even if I can't remember if it's a perfect replica.)
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I've eaten Nutritional Yeast waaay past the expiration date. Like, actual years past. It doesn't actually go bad. The vitamins might be less potent, is all.
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Easy paté-like spread: take a half cup of mayonnaise or mayonnaise-like substance and start mixing in nutritional yeast until it is a consistency you like. Use less yeast for a softer spread or more yeast for a stiffer paste. Great on toast or with crackers, pickles & onions. Just up the mayonnaise if you're making a party batch.

Also, if you have cats, sprinkle it on their food. Most cats love it. Makes their fur thick & shiny and is reputed to make you pet less tasty to fleas. (I'm dubious about the fleas,)
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It's also great for dogs. In case you have a dog and want to share.
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Hollyhock Salad Dressing (also a great sauce for vegetables raw or cooked), named for the Hollyhock hippie educational center in British Columbia. It sounds bad, it looks bad, it tastes INCREDIBLY GOOD.

1/3 cup water
1/3 cup tamari or soy sauce
1/3 cup balsamic or cider vinegar
1 cup nutritional yeast
2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
1 cup olive oil

Blend until smooth.
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Vegan queso is surprisingly awesome.
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Seconding Violet Hour that this stuff doesn't go bad.

Also, in addition to the recommendations above, this vegan alfredo sauce has become a staple in our house.
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Really almost any kind of soup. (My go-to "soup genius" move is to throw about 1/4 cup nooch, MSG, white pepper, and tomato paste in soup broth. People love it.)
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I make instant mashed potatoes taste amazing by adding a ton of nutritional yeast, some garlic powder, lots of black pepper and salt to taste. Use unsweetened almond milk for the liquid. You don't need to add butter or any kind of fat, they are delicious without it.
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