Looking for a low profile women's digital watch
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I'm looking for a watch that is small, not bulky. I want it to be digital, preferably colorful or with a design. It being waterproof or water resistant is preferred. I would like something like this watch in a bright color or design. I don't care if it's women or men's, although feminine and not super sporty would be nice. I don't want a baby-g. I hate the round face and the super sportyness of it.

Brand or specific model recommendations would be great. Basically, I'm looking for something like if swatch had digital watches.
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Swatch does have digital watches!

And Casio has some g-shocks in the more square shape that do come in a few colors (yellow!). They might be too big, but just in case, they're here and start with "DW5600."
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Even if you don't want the step counter, a Fitbit Alta might suit your needs. There are aftermarket bands in every color imaginable that you can swap out. I had one of their earlier models and was always bugged by how big and sporty it was, but this one is a major improvement in that regard. In theory the display turns on when you lift your arm, but in my experience you have to tap it.
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The Casio classic does come in bright colours: pink, yellow, sky blue, royal blue
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It is however only splashproof unfortunately.
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Freestyle watches are reliably waterproof and come in a lot
Of colors and styles that seem similar to what you’re looking for.
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I have been wearing that very Casio in pink for years now, and I like it a lot. The buckle came free from its axle after a lot of winter gloves and bicycling, but a jeweler replaced it for nothing, so holy cow, bonus. I did, however, replace the entire guts of it with one from the black model I bought after the buckle failed. The battery was getting low, and I couldn't quite see how to get just the battery free in a graceful fashion. And honestly the strap-keeper loop is getting a bit gouged at the corners. And the strap is a bit darker than the face now. Don't know if that's contact with my jeans or solar bleaching or what.

In short, I like this watch a whole lot, but if you wear it every day for years it shows its age.
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You may want to look at digital watches for boys. This one looks fun.
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I love my gold/purple Casio.
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