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I'm going to buy myself a mug. Just a desk mug but it has to be the best desk mug. Help me find this elusive creature.

I hate the mugs provided by work - flimsy things which hold like a thimble-full of coffee. I am seeking a mug with the following qualities

- heavy ceramic or stoneware
- dishwasher friendly
- large - say capable of holding the same amount of liquid as a Starbucks 'grande' drink
- it has to be pleasant to hold in the hands - this is important. Ideally the sides should be rounded rather than straight. The kind of mug that you can hold cupped in both hands on a cold day.
- pleasing aesthetically, ideally minimalist but at the same time something I can keep in the office kitchen and immediately recognise as mine
- available in the UK online

If I had time I would spend many happy hours browsing online, but I would like to buy this mug soon, and I don't have a lot of free time. Would appreciate therefore any glowing mug recommendations :) Many thanks all
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You have exactly the same requirements as me.

I have Denby Large Curve mug. I don't like either of the colours I found on their own website, but there's good ones on Amazon, and I've been happily using a pair of these at home and work as my main mugs for 7 years, give or take.
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I have a Royal Copenhagen mug at work which ticks most of your boxes.
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My favorite mug. Ever. My husband liked mine so much I had to get one for him so he would stop stealing mine (and his was equally fantastic). It says it holds 16 ounces (grande size), but I am pretty sure it holds more; they also have larger mugs if you want at least a venti's worth of coffee.

They're made to order so it takes at least two weeks to ship out. They are based in the US and ship internationally, not sure how much that would tack on to the price but I guarantee it'll be worth it.
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My uncle is a potter and makes mugs that fit the bill. Find some of them here. If you can wait, I expect you can also give him your specs for something custom. He fires his (huge) kiln 4 times or so per year.
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I just bought this Mason Cash beauty recently, and I think she ticks all your boxes. Looking at their website, they have a lot of wonderful options.
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We have a set of the Denby ones, same shape, in a different pattern. I find the handles a bit small---they are only sized for a single finger. Nice mugs otherwise.
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I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but I'm a potter and this sounds exactly like the mugs I make. Example of one that holds 16 fluid ounces is here. I've been told they're so pleasant to wrap your hands around that they're therapy in the form of a drinking vessel. Memail me if that seems like what you're looking for? And if this ISN'T allowed please tell me and/or flag this for deletion.
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If you are willing to sacrifice the size requirement, I strongly recommend you scower antique shops or ebay for a Victor Mug.

The Victor company has made heavy duty ceramic insulators for the electrical industry for over a century, and they clearly designed their mugs the same way. The weight and shape are an absolute pleasure, the design minimalist perfection.

Edit: Beware copycats, though. Many have tried to duplicate the look, but none approach the shear gravity and quality of how they feel. You will know a real Victor when you pick it up...
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I am an amateur potter and I have learned that mugs are extremely personal—one person loves one and the next person is “meh.” So, see if there is a pottery gallery (that has actual hand made stuff) near you and go and pick up mugs till you find one that feels perfect. This is not to diss the pros that have posted—I’m sure they are terrific potters, but handles only fit some hands.

As for Victor mugs, they are nice, but I have a set and they hold around six ounces each. I thought they’d quit manufacturing them years ago—I’ll have to see if I can find any online. They are super durable—we got four just after we got married and they’re still pristine after 35 years.
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