I am looking for Euro-Trance Music Videos. Are there any good sources, possibly torrents?
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I am building a collection of music videos and currently, I have about 100 or so videos that range from rock to metal and etc, however, I am in desperate need for Euro-Trance videos in .mpg format from the likes of names such as Groove Coverage, Tomcraft, Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, and etc. Does anyone know if there are any download/torrent sites deticated to this genre? Thanks in advance.
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A friend of mine is a trance fanatic and says that while there are no sites dedicated solely to trance, (AFAHK) the following sites are your best bet:



Both sites require registration. Otherwise the popular site Trance Addict has a few videos and a well-visited forum. Good luck!
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Do you mean professionally produced mtv-style videos or do you mean bootlegs and DVDs of live shows?

You're going to have a hard time finding music videos for most trance songs, because aside from a few of the big names -- Ferry Corsten and Paul Van Dyk come to mind -- they don't make them very often.

There are quite a few concert DVDs available, though. Tiesto did two "In Concert" DVDs, and the dutch trance label, ID&T, has made a few DVD's of their Sensation shows. They have some videos available on their website. It's in dutch, but you can figure it out.
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Oh, try searching on Soulseek

It's a p2p service that mostly caters to Electronic Dance Music fans. You should find plenty of videos there.
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Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, etc are not Euro-trance.

also, I have some Ferry videos. Punk and Rock Your Body Rock. Also the video of Oakenfold's Southern Sun, and I think the video for the Tiesto remix of Delerium's Silence, with Sarah McLachlan.

Email in profile.
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