"SCS = Love"
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The agency where I work will (if all goes according to plan) be responsible for opening a Supervised Consumption Services (SCS) site. I'm looking for short, catchy slogans that we can use on signs for counter-protests, tiny 1.25" buttons of support, t-shirts, etc.

The negative comments in the media, on social media, and in public places has generally been misinformed (at best), stigmatizing, cruel, dehumanizing, and heartbreakingly awful. So much hatred, anger, and .. awfulness.

Happily, there are a growing number of vocal supporters, too. A protest against SCS has been planned for later this week and a counter-protest has been put in place. People who support SCS are speaking up more, posting great things on social media, being open to learning more..

I'm looking for catchy little phrases and slogans that are pro-SCS - that our staff and supporters can use for signs, little buttons, small images on our facebook page, etc. Smart, funny, pointed, poignant, love-filled, or otherwise positive things are what we need the most! Anything that also serves as a reminder that people who take drugs are human beings would be welcome.

So far, we have:

I [heart] People Who Take Drugs!
SCS = Love
Nice People Take Drugs
Support, Not Stigma

Let me know your best ideas!

** For those who need more info: SCS are places where people who take (illicit, generally) drugs can do so under the supervision of trained professionals who can respond to overdose AND where people who take drugs can get additional health and social supports on-site in a stigma-free environment from professionals and peer workers who understand drug use. The site is not only for injection - it's also for any other mode of taking drugs. Evidence shows that SCS make a significant difference in preventing overdose, keeping people alive, engaging people in health care, improving community safety, decreasing inappropriate disposal of syringes, and more. Our ability to open this site is dependent on our current government continuing to approve sites - but we are proceeding, in the meantime, with the hope that they will.
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Hugs AND Drugs
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Just say YES


First, help your neighbors reduce harm
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SCS Saves Lives
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Saving Lives > Shaming Lives

As the 1.25" buttons only have so much space, perhaps simple brightly coloured single words. "Empathy" "Compassion" "Humanity" "Safety" "Science" .

On the note of the science one, having some simple printed pamphlets to be handed out to those receptive to learn that 1) informs of all the services to be offered at the proposed SCS, 2) lists some stats re: overdose - "Everyone talks about how dangerous driving can be, but last year in 2017 there were 12 traffic fatalities in the Waterloo Region. However in the same time period there were 80 fatal overdoses." 3) some stats from longer term open supervised locations - how many OD's insite might have prevented. stats on drug use in the community (I.E. it's not causing hordes of people to start up a heroin habit). 4) some URL's, or well thought out search phrases.
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Evidence matters
Science rules!
SCientific Safety

(The point being that even if people don't have sympathy or compassion, they should support the methods that are backed by scientific evidence -- also helps if you can hand out pamphlets that discuss the evidence for harm reduction, community safety, etc.)
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"SCS = Healthcare"

a bit longer, but I've got "Dead people never make it through rehab" on a tshirt from a SCS in the London area, it's been useful for getting the point across for the normies.
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YIMBY (yes in my back yard).
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Prevent overdoses
Keep your neighbors alive
Making a safer community

Anything that sounds like drug use is OK is going to alienate a large portion of people, so instead of " i love people who take drugs", say "what if it was your kid?"
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Seconding "What if it was your kid?".

Similarly, "Maybe your kid is in need", "They're all our kids"
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[Picture of syringe, about 1/4 full with a red line at that level] This much and no more!

Say Yes to SCS


No ODs
No nicked arteries
SCS Saves Lives

No shame in needing help | You can help by not spreading shame
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I'm not clever at making up witty slogans. But I'm so very glad you are doing this. I wish we had more in the US.

All the very best luck to you!
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