PC Wired Controller XBOX ONE button not working in Lego Star Wars?
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So my PC Wired XBOX ONE controller is acting funky on the PC Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens game.

Having button problems in PC Star Wars Force Awakens. The Y button is to change characters, but I am on Endor and the Ewok must jump in the robot turret to blast the wooden barrier R2-D2 is wedged in on the Endor prologue. Yet, it keeps saying Y to jump in the turret, but that button is for changing characters. I am confused and not sure if this can be fixed or not?
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I haven't specifically played the Force Awakens lego game, but I've played a ton of others. Usually the Y button doubles for both character-switching and jumping in and out of vehicles, so that sounds normal to me. You just have to make sure you're standing close enough to the vehicle to get in (a Y-button should appear on the screen when you're there).
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I only played the first two, but it's this part, right? I remember the first two being a bit finicky on occasion when it came to bits like these. Try walking around it and pressing Y, also keeping in mind, some bits can only be done by a specific character.
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