Can you tell me about this engraved scene on this brass tray?
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I bought this brass tray at a junk shop this weekend. Can anyone explain the engraved scene or provide insights?

Who are the people, where and when are they, and what are they doing?
What does the script say?
What’s that instrument?
Can you identify the birds, trees, flowers?
Anything else?

I think it’s interesting and pretty, and it will likely reside on my wall, so asking out of curiosity rather than valuation.
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The script says 'Hakim Omar Khayyam', which should help place the time, people etc.
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The people in the middle and on the right seem to be performers, and the man on the left could be giving them money, so perhaps the tray itself was meant to be or modeled after a tray that performers traditionally put out to receive donations.
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