Crazy SexBot Women Who Kill
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I'm trying to figure out what this murderous-fembot movie was.

Sometime in the late 70s or early 80s I remember seeing a movie on local TV that I did not understand (I was a somewhat-sheltered little kid in those days). All I remember is that there were women in the movie who were robots or androids of some sort (perfect human replicas a la Blade Runner), who killed at least a couple of men via sex. I remember one scene pretty clearly in which one of these women had her breasts sort of start spinning like small buzzsaws out of her clothes, killing whatever guy was with her. Another scene I really vividly remember had one of these fembots straddling a man (on the floor, I think, with both of them mostly clothed). The man was enjoying himself at first, "Oooooohhhh, ahhhhh," and then he started to scream and shriek. At the time I had no idea what was going on, but later on when I learned about the birds and the bees I realized that the bot-woman must have killed him with her vagina (something buzz-saw-y like the other chick's breasts).

Does anyone else remember a movie like this? We never had cable (we were too poor), and it was definitely not something I would have been allowed to watch had my father been home/awake. My hazy memory tells me it was something I must have watched either in the afternoon after school, or on a weekend while my father slept in or was otherwise occupied. (And if you have trouble believing that scenario, consider that I saw Satan's Cheerleaders and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark on TV under those exact circumstances when I was a kid.

I don't think this was part of the "Bionic Woman" fembot thing, but if there are screenshots proving me wrong on that, I'll take 'em.
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Cherry 2000
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If that wasn't it, try this list: androids in movies.
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that movie scarred me for life. Particularly the scene you mention and another scene where they put a paperbag on a guys head and shoot an arrow through it.
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Hey, was this the one where the killer robot had some sort of doomsday device built into it? The protagonists were trying to stop it before it went boom, and it was trying to survive long enough to detonate, or something like that.

Those details are hazy, but was that closer to the details?
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As an aside, does anyone remember the Outer Limits - two episodes in particular - one was a female robot who looked after a disabled guy, fell in love and then ended up being switched off because of her psychopathic jealous tendancies... and the other where hideous aliens were disguised as gorgeous perfect women who married only to find their husbands discovering their true selves later?

I know I'm bending the rules but if anyone knows the titles of these episodes I'd be chuffed. Feel free to tell me to get stuffed though!
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rc55, the first one is Valerie 23 (I actually came to the thread with just that episode in mind).
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tomble - you're thinking of Eve Of Destruction starring Gregory Hines.

and I am a very sad man...
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Ah yes, thanks longbaugh! Now I now how to avoid it.
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