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Can anyone help me with the title of this film??? It's a 1970s US film where some Airmen are trapped in a bunker by a machine gun firing robot (I think). I thought it starred Richard Baseheart, but i've Googled him and I can't find any film he made that is similar!!!! Can anyone help, please.....(It's driving me mad)
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Any chance it's as easy as Sole Survivor?

Features trapped US airmen and Richard Baseheart. No robot or bunker though.
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Sounds like the Six Million Dollar Man's battles with the Soviet Venus "Death Probe."
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Your description reminds me of Screamers but it doesn't have Richard Baseheart in it nor is it from the seventies.
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Forgot to tell you why your description reminded me of that film: what I vividly remember about it is the scene in which the protagonist is hiding in a bunker and shooting at robots. Even if this is not the film you were after, I highly recommend it. Based on a story by Philip K. Dick.
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