New music with a travel/adventure theme
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I’m planning a trip and would like to discover new music to keep me company: songs with a travel/adventure theme, whether they are about being happy to be going on a new adventure or about coping with the heartbreak of separation.

I’ve already searched AskMeFi and taken note of the answers, but most of the songs listed were not to my taste. I’m not interested in country or classic American rock or songs the average middle-aged American has already heard a million times before. I want to discover new music. Bonus points if the songs are European or have a European feel. They don’t have to be in English.

Here are some songs that I really like, to give you some idea.

Of Monsters and Men - From Finner
Jets Overhead – Heading for Nowhere
Bag Raiders – Way Back Home
Death Cab for Cutie - Little Wanderer
Sunlounger ft. Zara - Lost (Club Remix)

More like these, please!
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This might be new to you: Aztec Two-Step Highway Song. Aztec Two-Step is a folkie duo who started in the early 70s; not quite in the same circle of popularity as Jim Croce or James Taylor, but I've occasionally been surprised who's heard of them. this is from their first album and is gorgeous.
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Francis and the Lights Going out (this is old but his newer stuf is excellent also)
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My favorite departure song, featured in a gravitational slingshot sequence filmed for a pilot of Virtuailty, is Chemical Brothers - Alive Alone
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Tonight We Fly, The Divine Comedy
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I have long had a soft spot for Kylän Kävijä by Värttinä. Not new but perhaps new to you.
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Travel by Bol4. A fun get away pop song. Lyrics are a mix of English and Korean.
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Anna Depenbusch has a couple of songs along this theme:

Glücklich in Berlin ("happy in Berlin") is a bittersweet song about a friend moving to Berlin; it deals with the tension between being happy for the friend going off to the big city but also sad to see them go.

Stadt Land Fluss ("city country river") is a reference to a word game often played to pass the time while traveling. The song itself is about wanderlust and always being on the move, particularly by train.

Those are links to the solo piano versions (from the "in Schwarz-Weiß" albums); the original albums (Die Mathematik von Anna Depenbusch and Das Alphabet von Anna Depenbusch) have a full band.
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Try the free monthly podcast from the UK world music magazine fRoots (cover slogan: "Local music from out there"). Lots of great music from all over the planet to discover in every episode - and a couple of hundred archived shows to catch up on too.
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Lemon Jelly has both Go and Ramblin Man which might work
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Maybe try Mirador by Efterklang. I am not sure what the song is actually about, but it seems like it might fit in with your overall sound, and to me it feels like a "going somewhere" song. If you like it, I heartily recommend the album Parades and especially the live version of it.

Imogen Heap's First Train Home. Jónsi's Go Do. Green Grass of Tunnel by Múm. Chase the Sun by Skipping Girl Vinegar, which has a really awesome video and a magnificent space adventure of a stuffed monkey named Baker.
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I'm having a hard time judging whether you'll like this musically based on your example songs, but it's right what you want thematically speaking: I Am A Pioneer, the theme song for the second series of an anime that I liked when I was a teenager for reasons I'm increasingly finding difficult to connect with as an adult. But I like the song still. May be difficult to access depending on how you like to listen to music. If you want an mp3, MeMail me and I can hook you up.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions, thanks everyone!
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