Best Bean Bag Chair
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Looking for recommendations on a comfortable bean bag chair or other low seating solution.

I would like to be able to bundle myself away in a corner of my attic office for reading and writing. The ceiling starts to slope in a couple of feet from the floor, so I'm considering a large bean bag. But a very low chair might work too (perhaps one of these?).

Reviews of bean bags chairs are a real mixed bag. Lots of reviews complain about them not coming with enough filling. Anyone have recommendations for large, comfy bean bags?
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Best answer: Have you looked at Fufsacks? I had one and it was marvelous.
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Best answer: We bought my son a Yogibo a few years ago and it's still going strong. It's super comfy and versatile. Plenty of filling and you can buy extra filling if you need it.
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Best answer: My cousin has a Love Sac and it's real comfortable. Expensive, but amazingly comfy.
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My friend had a low Japanese table with small seats that you kneel on, but more comfortable than just kneeling. Or just a couple of big cushions.
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Roorkhee chair?
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Best answer: I have a giant FUF (sorry, that's its name) and I would recommend foam chunk over a traditional bean bag fill in any context. Foam fill is heavy though. And hot in the summer. And in my case it took a few years before it stopped smelling like undercured foam.

Note: There are a lot of Amazon reviews that are very angry about the quality of the foam fill. They aren't wrong about what is inside, but the company never claimed that they were full of memory foam. Memory foam fill would be a lot more expensive. I bought mine direct, long before they were available on Amazon, and the foam chunk was never anything but random size and type chunks.

If you are up for a bit of DIY, you could reasonably simply make it more modular for easy transport and have the outer cover be easier to wash. First, buy or sew the outer bag/cover in a fabric and size that you like. Buy or create foam chunks. Then pack the foam chunk into old pillowcases and close with very tight zipties right under the hemmed cuff of the pillowcase. Put the pillowcase units into the outer bag. It is only slightly less comfortable than non-modular foam fill, but I think it is worth the trade-off.
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Best answer: The ones at Muji are really nice.
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Best answer: I’ve recently lounged in a lovesac beanbag that had the “owl phur” cover and it was divine
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Best answer: We’ve gotten great stuff from Jaxx.
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Best answer: The new ones from Tuft & Needle look good.
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