How best to prepare a wedge of sabzi (Persian stew)
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I bought a wedge of Sabzi, accidentally confusing it with koobideh. I was hoping to make a sandwich, but now I have a solid piece of stew instead. If I heat it will I then be able to pour it over rice? Can I actually make a sandwich with it? What's the best way to eat this delicious triangle? Photo
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It's basically a veggie patty!

It's *not* stew. Put it in a sandwich, or eat it with yogurt. Or just as a side.
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Sabzi is just greens, gormeh sabzi is the stew and usually contains beans and limes, which I don’t see in your photo. The greens mix of herbs for gormeh sabzi are often sold on their own, either dried or frozen. If it is the stew, you could definitely heat and serve over rice; if it is the greens mix, it would probably be better cooked down with the other ingredients of gormeh sabzi (onions, dried limes, kindney beans/split peas and meat) and then eaten, or cooked with rice to make sabzi polow.
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Are you sure that's not kookoo Sabzi? It looks just like kookoo Sabzi, which is Sabzi cooked with egg. If that's what it is you can eat it in pita bread as is, or eat it with some basmati rice. You can warm it up a bit in the oven first.
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Yeah, that's definitely kookoo sabzi (thick firm super-herby omelette, consistency like Spanish tortilla, and similarly cut into slices). You can def eat that in a sandwich. Enjoy!
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Response by poster: Yes, I think it was actually kookoo Sabzi: knowing about the stew totally threw me. I put it in a pita with some tomato and pickles. It was delicious and I'm sorry I didn't get a second piece. Thanks!
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