In search of extra nasty drumming
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I'm looking for music with extra backbeaty drums ("nasty" might be an appropriate adjective). The kind of drums that make your face wince. Most of the examples I have fall under "jazz" though I'm sure other genres have what I'm looking for as well. Examples within.
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Extra backbeat-y? I give you Eddie Bo, with the Meters backing him in the studio: Hook and Sling Part 2.
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Based on your examples, I think you're looking for what I would describe as very "busy" funk/fusion drumming. I could recommend a lot of this, but it might be easiest if I list some drummers and some artists they're known for playing with, and you can browse through their discographies. I'll highlight some albums that immediately come to mind.

--Steve Gadd, especially with Chick Corea in the 70s, especially the albums The Leprechaun and The Mad Hatter
--Terry Bozzio with Frank Zappa on the album Zoot Allures; with the Brecker Brothers on the album Heavy Metal Bebop
--Vinnie Colaiuta, e.g., his solo album and on the album Document by Karizma
--Dennis Chambers with John Scofield (Blue Matter) and the band Niacin (Organik)
--Nate Smith on the Chris Potter Underground albums (Follow the Red Line is a good one)
--Steve Smith with the bands Steps Ahead (Live in Tokyo 1986) and Vital Information
--Also if you like Weckl he has a deep catalog, both solo and with the Chick Corea Elektric band
--David Garibaldi with Tower of Power
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Carl Pannuzzo, both fronting and backing Checkerboard, pours his heart into It's A Man's Man's Man's World (so much backbeat he drops a drum off the kit)
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Oh wow, yes! Thanks all, keep em coming. flabdablet, I'm with you on the heart and soul, but I think I'm looking for music that's got more of a tight groove - I should have included that in the original question.
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Ginger Baker, esp with Air Force. Tony Allen.
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--Tony Williams
--Billy Cobham
--Chad Wackerman
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At 1:37:30 here, you can catch some amazing drumming from BOTH of the Tedeschi Trucks Band drummers.
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Golden-age hip-hop was built on sampling, and, as you might guess, a lot of those songs have some nasty drumming. E.g.:

Syl Johnson - Different Strokes
Johnny Jenkins - I Walk on Gilded Splinters
The Honey Drippers - Impeach the President
Dyke and the Blazers - Let a Woman Be a Woman Let a Man Be a Man

Those are a few of my favorites, but looking at compilations like 'Ultimate Breaks and Beats' and 'Strictly Breaks,' 'Shaolin Soul,' etc., or poking around WhoSampled, or listening to breaks mixtapes, will reveal more possibilities.
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Jeff Sipe
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Jaki Liebezeit
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Theodorakis soundtrack for 'State of Siege'.
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Chris Dave 'Actual Proof'
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Perhaps a little Alan White?
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Clyde Stubblefield with James Brown
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A bit slower but still pretty damn nasty: Bernard Purdie and the 'Purdie Shuffle'.
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Ian Paice is just a monster.
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Nate Wood
1, 2

Mark Guiliana

Arthur Hnatek

Louis Cole

For what it's worth, I love drumming like this. I found out about Nate Wood and Arthur Hnatek by listening to Tigran Hamasyan's music -- so you might like his stuff too ^_^
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Jeff Russo
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