God Mode in Windows 10 not working
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I'm intrigued by the so-called God Mode in Windows 10 and although I can set up the icon/folder, when it opens the explorer window it immediately closes and the icon moves to the top left of the desktop.

The code I'm using is GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} which seems to be correct. Has this been written out of the latest update of Windows?
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Response by poster: I've just tried to open the original control panel via a search and the same thing happened.
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Best answer: I don't think 'God Mode' is needed in Win 10 as a right click on the Start Button in the bottom left hand corner on the Task Bar pretty much gives you everything you need.
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My Windows is up to date, and everything's showing up fine. You must have a Control Panel plugin which is crashing the Explorer window when Explorer attempts to display its icon.
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Check the Windows event logs for clues. If something is making it crash, it may be listed in the system or application logs.
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(As a total aside, can someone ELIA5?)
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Windows has a lot of settings. These are spread among several places. This creates one place with all of them.
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When you say "the latest update," are you talking about the April 2018 update (1803)?

Edit: I've asked mainly because 1803 has only just been released world wide in the last week. Before this, I'd see it here and there but there was little consistency.
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I have the latest Windows 10 updates on this laptop, created the folder on my desktop, names it with copy&paste from your ask, and it works as it should.

i_am_a_fiesta, God Mode is a hack where you name a desktop folder as noted, and all the settings tools are in 1 place.
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this link explains what's actually going on.

This page has some kind of downloadable shortcut that exposes the "all tasks" folder.

(this is "task" as in "control panel actions/wizards," not "task manager" as in cpu processes, jobs)
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