Best organizations to donate to for immigration-related issues
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I currently make monthly recurring donations to SPLC, ACLU, and NAACP. I’d like to add an organization focused on immigration, border issues, and countering ICE. Who’s working in this area, either legally or politically? I don’t need an org who will send me regular updates or tell me stories (I never open any envelopes I receive from the above orgs). NILC has come up in other conversations. I have also seen RAICES and NMILC mentioned, though both seem to focus on single states.
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Best answer: International Rescue Committee came up often during the European refugee discussions a few years back. Info on their USA efforts is here and info on their efforts in 40 other countries is here . There must be an opt out option for mailings as I don't recall receiving much from them.
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Also, Charity Navigator lists ACLU as an immigration and refugee organization and ACLU lists ICE efforts here you're already on track!
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Best answer: Good suggestions in answer to my question of two days ago.
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It depends a lot on your interest area; if you're interested in direct humanitarian aid, No More Deaths works in the borderlands to provide critical first aid and life-saving food and water to border crossers.

Might also be worth looking into who provides immigration-related services in your city. You could donate to a legal aid fund that helps people in your city who are working through deportation proceedings in the immigration court system. Represented immigrants are 5.5 times more likely to win their case than non-represented immigrants.
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