How do I download my iPhone 5C call logs?
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I have an iPhone that may need replacing or repair in the very near future. I'd like to preserve my call history (incoming and outgoing). What's the best way to do that?

It is running iOS 10.3.3. (Yes, I know that's old and outdated. So is the phone.) I have never (deliberately) put anything on the Apple cloud (what the phone or the OS does on its own I have no idea).

My computer is a Windows 8.1 machine. I don't mind downloading software to do the transfer, but recommendations for the right tool would be appreciated.
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You need iTunes installed on your Windows computer, if you don’t have it already. Use iTunes to back up your iPhone. When you get the phone repaired or replaced, use iTunes to restore your backup.
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I should mention I don't have anything on the phone worth backing up, except for the call log. Photos are removed to the computer manually via USB connection. I don't use e-mail on the phone. I've downloaded no apps. I just use to to make calls, surf on the Internet a bit, and treat it as an e-reader to read content that is already stored on the computer and duplicated on the phone or available online.
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Also, odds are, if it is replaced it probably won't be by another iPhone, so I don't have any concerns about having to duplicate it on a new unit. I just want a simple (searchable would be nice) record of the calls.
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Is this not easier to do via your phone bill than trying to extract a Searchable database from an iPhone? I’m not even sure it’s possible
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I am sure (or I certainly hope) there is a better way, but in the event you cannot find something suitable, I would take screen shots of all the pages of the phone log. Ar least then you will have it to look through. It sure beats writing it out by hand.
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This looks promising. Still requires a backup to be taken via iTunes, but the software looks like it extracts the data from the backup file itself. No need to restore it anywhere. Here's another one that looks like the same type of thing.

I would caveat these (and others found with a quick cursory google search) with making sure you take proper precautions before downloading them. Disconnect from the internet while it's installed, have good virus and malware software running, etc. Some of the sites look marginally sketchy.
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